With the recent Scandal of Data leak from Facebook, it has definitely raised the concerned of our private data, hold by the Facebook. In this scenario, you may delete your Facebook Account, but is it the Best Solution? NO, because Facebook is everywhere around you. Facebook track your data not only through your Facebook account but also through the other websites or Apps, wherein to log in you have used Facebook. So, how we can stop Facebook from Tracking our Web Activity?

Do you know? 

If you want to Stop Facebook from tracking your web activity, then Firefox may help you. Recently, Firefox has launched an extension “Facebook Container”. This extension helps you to control your web activity from Facebook by isolating your identity into a separate container. This stop Facebook from tracking your other web activity.

Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Web Activity

Instead of deleting your Facebook account, use this Firefox Facebook Container Extension, that limits Facebook in its boundary. Visit Here to install Facebook Container Extension in your Firefox Browser.

Stop Facebook from Tracking your Web acitivity using Facebook Container extension (2)

How this Extension Works?

When you install this extension in your Firefox Browser, it will delete all your Facebook Cookies & if you already logged in, it will log you out of it instantly. Now, the next time whenever you log in to your Facebook account the, you will see 2 minor changes due to this extension:

  • A blue line under the Facebook Tab,
  • A padlock icon in the address bar with Facebook written next to it.

Stop Facebook from Tracking your Web acitivity using Facebook Container extension (1)Now, if you visit any other website on other tabs, these will load out of this Facebook Container, that means Facebook will not get any data about what you are browsing, viewing etc. on other tabs.

Is there any side effects of ‘Facebook Container’ Extension?

This extension limits Facebook into a container tab. So, if you want to use this Facebook account to log in to other websites OR  want to like, share or comment using this Facebook account, you can’t do that. As all these pages loads outside of the Facebook container Tab.To protect your data from Facebook, you may bear it.

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If you wondering such tool or extension for Google Chrome, then you have to wait for it. There is no such tool or extension available, but we hope, soon it will come. By the way, Like this Firefox Extension? Share with us your personal opinion & suggestions in the comment box below. You should also know this awesome trick:

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