Let’s consider the situation, Your PC/Laptop Speakers not working properly or the audio jack is damaged. If you have Android Phone (obviously you have, lol) then you have the solution in your hand.

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You can use your Android device as a speaker for your PC or laptop system. Wondering how? Yes, it is possible and you can transmit your PC or laptop audio to your Android Phone over WiFi or USB using an awesome tool. The best part is that you can roam around in your room and listen the songs playing on your Computer system. Let’s see how to do.

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How to Use Android Phone As Speaker for your PC

This can be done using ‘SoundWire(Free)’ application. To use this, you have to install the SoundWire Server application on your PC Operating System. This tool supports Windows OS, Linux OS, RaspberryPi OS for your PC. Further, Install it’s Android App on your Android Device.

Now you can connect both in two ways to make your Android Phone as a speaker:

Method #1: Over WiFi or Mobile Hotspot

Method #2: Over USB Tethering

Let’s check out step by step procedure for both one by one:

Method #1. Use Android Phone As Speaker For PC over WiFi

Step 1: First Install SoundWire Server Application on your PC, Visit Here: Soundwire Official Site.

Step 2: Now Install SoundWire Android App from Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 3: Connect your Android Phone to the same WiFi Network as of your PC.

Step 4: Run SoundWare Server Application on your PC and open It’s Android App on your Andriod Phone.

How to use Android Phone as Speaker for PC Laptop over WiFi

Step 5: Just type the server Address on Android Soundwire App from SoundWire Application on PC and tap on ‘Soundwire icon’ to connect it, refer below image:

How to use Android Phone as Speaker for PC Laptop over WiFi

Step 6: Once the connection is established, you can check, on Android App: the color of the ring changed to Golden and on PC: connection status changed to “Connected”.

Step 7: All stage is set-up. Just play any music on your PC system and listen to your Android phone. It’s Great!!

How to use Android Phone as Speaker for PC Laptop over WiFi

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Method 2: Use Android Phone as a Speaker Over USB Tethering

If you do not have WiFi connection then you can connect your PC via USB Tethering. First Install SoundWire Server on your PC and Soundwire App on your Android device. Once done, Follow the step by step guide:

Step 1: Connect your Android Internet to PC via USB Tethering. If you don’t know how to Share device Internet through USB Tethering, Read Here Complete Guide.

Step 2: Now your PC and Android device both are on the same network over USB Tethering.

Step 3: Run ‘Soundwire’ application on your PC System and Open Soundwire App on your Android Phone.

How to use Android Phone as Speaker for PC Laptop over USB

Step 4: Simply enter the server address to the Android App and Tap on ‘Soundwire’ icon. Once the connection is established, you can listen music playing on PC through your Android Phone.

You can also record audio playing on your PC by clicking on ‘Red’ button. The final file will get saved in Mp3 format.

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It works perfectly to listen to Audio or Music, but when it comes to Video, the audio does not sync and there is a lag of 1-2 seconds that can irritate you. So prefer this tool to listen to only Audio or Music. Share this trick with everyone and if you have any query, feel free to ask in comments.

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