Snapchat is one of the most popular Social media platforms. Using Snapchat one can share their daily events, creativity, and other activities in form of Images, videos, chat, etc. with their friends. That’s why many users use Snapchat for quick communication and sharing images, snaps, etc with their friends. Apart from this feature, Snapchat is also popular for its Emojis that appear on the right of every friend’s chat.

Top Tricks:

These Emojis icon appearing next to the friend’s chat name shows how much you are connected or engaged with that friend. These Emoji keep changing as per your frequent interaction and sharing of snaps, chats, etc from both sides. So you can also say that these emojis are time-based and it keep changing as per the engagement with your friends. Out of these emojis, one ‘Yellow Heart‘ emojis icon you may come across these days. Let’s see in detail, What Does A ‘Yellow Heart’ Mean On Snapchat?

What Does A ‘Yellow Heart’ Mean On Snapchat?

‘Yellow Heart’ Emoji on Snapchat shows the symbol of happiness and friendship. You can also connect with it as most friends give yellow roses to their best friends.

So, this yellow heart emoji is very helpful to know if your crush texts you the most or not. If you are engaging with someone frequently on Snapchat but don’t have a heart with a yellow emoji next to their name, you’re probably not the only person they communicate with the most.

This is one of the unique features that other social media platforms do not have. That’s why Snapchat is becoming more popular and more interactive.

How to get rid of yellow hearts on Snapchat?

You don’t have to bother to get rid of the yellow heart emoji in your contacts. This is because the yellow heart emoji will automatically disappear if you no longer communicate with friends or vice versa.

So, if you find someone else you snap or photo with more often than you already have a yellow heart or yellow heart emoji at the moment, that emoji could either disappear or move to someone else on its own. If your best friend also snaps to other people more often, the yellow heart emoji in their name will disappear for you too.

However, the yellow heart emoji can also turn into a red heart ❤️, which means an improved relationship with the yellow heart emoji. You can get this red heart emoji if you reach two consecutive weeks of intensive communication with each other.

If your yellow heart emoji changes to a red heart, it’s a sign that your relationship level is up from before. This is a good sign because it means you are still best friend number 1 and even more so on the Snapchat app.

How long does it take for the yellow heart to disappear on Snapchat?

We’re not really sure how long it will take for the yellow heart emoji to disappear from one of your contact names on Snapchat. However, if you haven’t sent a snap to your friend for a while, the yellow heart emoji may automatically disappear because Snapchat’s logarithms will assume you’re no longer communicating with each other.

The yellow heart emoji is just a marker of friendship level on Snapchat, much like in the game Harvest Moon. This can help you see the progress of communication and relationships with new friends or with people you like.

There are much more unique emojis with different meanings that you can find in the Snapchat application. But the most important thing now is that you understand what yellow hearts mean on Snapchat, and how to get them and get rid of them.