Have you ever faced the situation in which you have to Transcribe any Audio or Video Files into Text??? Recently, I faced the same situation and found this very tedious task without using any tool and by doing manually.

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The Main focus is always on the accuracy of the transcription. Sometimes we are not so good in English or any other language, which file we have to listen carefully and then to Transcript it on paper.

There are various tools or software and websites are available but these services are not free. You have to spend some money for this work.So, We work on this and finally came up with Three BEST FREE METHODS TO TRANSCRIBE AUDIO AND VIDEO FILES TO TEXT.

Here, we will discuss Method-1. We have also made a Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial Video for better understanding. Others Methods links are given above.

Transcribe Audio and Video Files To Text Using YOUTUBE

In this method, we will tell you theoretically and practically, how you can use Youtube for transcription purpose. Whenever any video is uploaded on youtube, Youtube automatically generates its Subtitles or Closed Captions which you can see by just clicking on “CC” icon.

Now you will think, how Youtube Generate Subtitles or Closed Captions of any Video Automatically??

Basically, Youtube is a Google Product and Google uses its Speech Recognition to transform the Audio or Speech part of that particular video in the form of Text which will be shown to its user in form of “Closed Caption”.

As you all know, Youtube is a Video Sharing Platform. So, it allows you to upload only a Video file on it by creating a “Youtube Channel”. But what if, we have an Audio File for which Transcription work is to be done???

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Now if you have read above article, you must know, how to Create a “Youtube Channel” and hot to upload any Audio File on Youtube.
Let’s Start, Here we will discuss this trick for both Video & Audio in Separate Part:
A. Watch Complete Step-By-Step VIDEO Tutorial
B. Transcribe Video File to Text Using Youtube
C. How to Get Transcription In Text File 
D. Transcribe Audio File to Text Using Youtube

A. Watch Complete Step-By-Step VIDEO Tutorial

B. Transcribe Video File to Text Using Youtube

Just Follow the steps given below and explained using GIF Image:
Step 1: Go to Browser and open Youtube. On Right side, you will see “Sign In” Link, Just click on it and Sign In with any of your Gmail Account to Create A YoutubeChannel or Through which you have already created a Youtube Channel.
Step 2: Now as shown in Image No. 5 of below GIF Image, Click on “Upload” icon –> click on “Select Files to Upload” and upload any video file for which you want to have its transcription.
Step 3: It will start processing and in few Seconds/ Minutes, depending upon the size of the file, it will get ready this video file to Publish. Just Click on “Publish” button.
transcribe audio/video file to text using youtube
Step 4: Youtube takes some time for generating Closed Captions/Subtitles of the audio/speech part of this uploaded video. Usually, It takes 10-12 minutes for a normal length video. However, it may take more than this for a longer video.
Step 5: After uploading and publishing, Go to Your Video Manager and open this uploaded video after 10-12 Minutes. As In this case, you can see we are checking after 11 Minute,  as shown in Image no. 3 of below GIF Image.
Step 6: Now you can see an icon of “Closed Caption” in the left of “Gear Icon’ as shown in Image no. 4 of below GIF Image. Just click on it and Woww,, now you can see the Transcription of the Complete Audio/Speech.
transcribe audio/video file to text using youtube

C. How To Get Transcription In Text File

In above steps, you have got the Transcription. Now, Let’s take a look, how you can copy these subtitle or Transcription in a text file :

Step 1: Below the video, you will see “…” 3 Dot icon for “More”, as shown in Image No. 5 of above GIF Image. Just Click on It. You will get the transcription with timestamps.

Step 2: Now, you can copy this complete transcription and paste it into a text file.

D. Transcribe Audio File to Text Using Youtube

As of now, you are aware of how to upload Audio File on youtube. In the same fashion, as you have done in Part ‘A’ above. After Uploading & Publishing, you have wait for a certain time which may vary according to the length of the file. After some time, finally you will get the Transcription of this Audio File Also. Please refer to GIF Image Given Below.
transcribe audio/video file to text using youtube
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