Music has become a part of our life through FM Radios, Music TV Channels etc.  Sometimes, it happens that you may come across with a beautiful song/tune playing on TV or FM Radio etc, and want to have that song in your collection or Audio Library. But, We don’t know the exact Lyrics.  So, how to find:  “What’s name of this song”?

To search anything, we generally refer Search Engine like: Google. But, every time it won’t work as you want. So, here we come up with various Music recognition services that will help you to Find a Song name without lyrics.  Let’s see how you can identify or find same of any song, using following methods:

FIND: “What is the name of this Song?”

Now various Free online tools/services are available for finding the song name using a short audio clip, Song Artist Name, Singer Name etc. Here we are sharing Apps/tools for both Mobile/Desktop devices. Let’s just check out:

 1. Find Music In Your Mobile Device

Using Shazam Mobile App  

What is the name of this songShazam is one of the Best Free Apps in its kind. It allows you to identify or find music name within seconds. This App is available for iPhone, Android Phone, Blackberry and also for Mac system.

To Identify any Music, Just Install Shazam Application on your device and let it listen to  the song playing near you and hit the Tag button to identify the song for you. Within seconds, it will give you results with its related music tracks.

Note: This App work only with the pre-recorded music not with the live music.

 2. Find Song Name Using Your Own Voice

A) Using Midomi – Soundhound

Midomi is an awesome online Web-based service that allows you to find any song by recording a 10 seconds tune of the music or by searching music by Artist, Album Name. If you have the tune of any song in your mind, just open this website and sing/hum that song by using your microphone.

Midomi- What's the name of this song

For better and accurate result, Midomi records your voice for 10 Seconds and gives you related results within no time. Apart from this, you can also search by Artist Name, Album Name etc.

Unlike Shazam, Midomi has both Web-Based interfaces as well as Apps for mobile devices.  This app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Just install this app on your device and play/sing/hum any music near your device speaker and it will identify and give you the related song.

B) is another Free web-based service for finding the song. This will only be useful if you know some part of the lyrics of the song. You can also perform an advanced search by the artist name, band name and language of the song.What is the name of this song

3. Record A short Clip to Find The Name of the Song

In case, if you have a recording of any song in your device or recorded music in your own voice, then you can easily find the music using by uploading the same on “” website. This is a music recognition online service, that search out your uploaded music to its databases and gives your better search result.

What is the name of this song

4.  Get Help From HUMAN to Find a Song Name

What is the name of this song

If all the above methods don’t work for you, then you can also take help from other people. Yes, There is an online platform “WhatZatSong”,(Whats that song)WhatZatSong is a song naming community, where other members can help you to find the song that stuck in your head. You have to upload a sample mp3 file of the song and wait for the suggestion from others.

That’s It. Now you can find the name of any Song that you are stuck with.  Please share your experience with these tools. Also, if you know any other working new tool, website or app, share them in the comment section below. We will be happy to include that one in our article.

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