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How to Find the Person Name Behind Gmail Address


Find the Person behind any email address people search

Want to know the Real Name of any Gmail Address? There may be so many reasons that you want to know the person behind the Gmail Address. To find someone with their email address, it really sounds good. It is possible to expose the Full Name of the user who created that Gmail Account.

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Whenever any person creates a Gmail account, the basic details viz. First Name, Last Name, DOB etc. was asked to fill. It is contingent on the fact that the person who is creating Gmail ID will not use Fake First & Last Name. So, Let’s check out how you can find the person full name behind the Gmail Address.

Find Person Full Name Behind Any Gmail Address

Here, we gonna explained 2 Ways through which you can Find person name behind any Gmail Address. First We will find out using Google Calendar and second the easiest way through Gmail itself. Read this article till the end to get ‘2 Bonus Tips’.

Note: We have tried these methods for many unknown & random Gmail Address and results states that it will also depend on the Privacy Settings set by the Gmail Id creator. So, it might be possible that you are not getting Name for some Gmail id.

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Method 1: Using Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a Free Service provided by Google for better time management and scheduling your tasks. You can create own Calendar and also share it with others using their Gmail Address. Here is the key, let’s see step by step procedure as given below

Step 1: First login to your Gmail Account. Now click on ‘3×3 dots’ Google Apps Icon from Top Right Corner, as shown in the image below and click on ‘Google Calendar’ App.

Find the Person Name behind Any Gmail Address

Step 2: Google Calendar App will get opened in a new tab. Click on ‘3 horizontal bar’ menu icon from Top Left corner to appear the sidebar –> then select any Calendar and click on its ‘Menu icon’ and go with ‘Settings and Sharing’ option.

Find the Person Name behind Any Gmail Address

Step 3: Now scroll down and under ‘Share with Specific People’ box, click on ‘Add People’ option.

Find the Person Name behind Any Gmail Address

Step 4: Now for testing we entered any random Gmail address:[email protected]”, here you can enter the Gmail Address for that the Person name you want to know.

Find the Person Name behind Any Gmail Address

Step 5: And in the image given below you can check, it is displaying the Name of the person related to that Gmail Id and also his profile picture.

Find the Person Name behind Any Gmail Address

So, this is the way through which you can get the person name behind any Gmail Address. Have a try!!!

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Method 2: Using Compose Mail in Gmail

Just like above, When you compose any mail and enter the recipient email address, then also you may get the name of the person associated with that Gmail address. Steps are pretty simple, just follow as given below:

Step 1: Login to your Gmail account and click on ‘Compose Mail’ from the Left bar.

Step 2: Now enter the Gmail Id to know the Name associated with it and just hover mouse pointer to this email address. It will show you the Full name of the Gmail User, with profile pic if available.

You can also verify this email address is not in the Gmail Contact list, as it is showing an option to ‘Add to Contacts’.

Find the Person Name behind Any Gmail Address

  • Let’s Consider another case, wherein if the Gmail Address is in your Gmail Contact list, how it will be shown:

Find the Person Name behind Any Gmail Address

So, Here you can check Full name is showing directly in the ‘To’ field. when you hover Mouse Cursor then it will show you the profile pic, if set.

  • One more Case, As we mentioned above, It will also depend on the privacy settings set by the Gmail user, it will not display name. Refer Image Given Below:

Find the Person Name behind Any Gmail Address

Bonus – Must Read:

  1. If you receive an email from any user, then in this incoming mail you can directly see the Full name of that Gmail User in ‘From’ part along with sender Gmail Id.
  2. You can also search Gmail Address in ‘Google Plus’, if that user has created Google Plus account then you can get his/her profile with more details.

So, here is all about you can know the name of the person behind any Gmail Address. Try these methods and find out. If you like this article, Share it with your friends and if you have any query, post it in the comments section.

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