How to See Who is Following you on Facebook

Wanted to know who is following you on Facebook? Facebook ‘Following’ feature, enable facebook user to get all public update/post to their feed if they only follow any other user. So, to get your public updates/post, it is not necessary to become your friend. If a user sent you a friend request, then it also automatically follows you, even after you accept it or reject it. So, How can you see Who is following you on Facebook?

This feature allows you to have many followers, as there is a limitation of no. of friends on Facebook i.e. 5000. You can check who is following you and if you don’t want those followers to get your updates, then you can block them. Let’s check out detailed guide on how to see who is following you on Facebook.

How To See Who is Following You On Facebook

Steps are very simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps as given below:-

Step-1: As you open your Facebook, you can notice your profile displaying your name at the top of the home page. You need to click on your name in order to open your profile to see who is following you on Facebook.

Step-2: Apart from this particular method of opening your Facebook profile page, you can click on the name tab visible on the left-hand corner of your home page.

This will redirect you to the same “profile page” where one can see the followers, their names, and the overall number of followers for your account.

Step-3: When the page of your profile opens, to your left-hand side you will notice there is your profile Intro (written in bold), at the end of it, you will notice the number of people following you on Facebook, to further check the list of people, click on it.

Step-4: Your end result should somewhat look like the image provided below, displaying the list of names of the people following you on Facebook.

You can choose to follow back these people or add them to your friend list if you see a familiar face or acquaintance.

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