We usually download & install Apps on Android device from Google Play Store and has not faced any issue in installing right? But In case you have downloaded “.Apk” file other than Google Play Store or App Market, by-default you can not install it on your Android Device and will show error as shown in below Image.

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This is the by-default setting to secure your device from files installing from Unknown Sources. “Unknown Sources” means if you have downloaded .apk file other than Google Play Store. So, How you can install these third-party App on your device if you want to install it?

Install App From Unknown Sources Android

YES, there is a way by doing a slight modification in your device Settings. So, let’s check out how we can install Apps from Unknown Sources In Android Devices?

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Doing this trick you don’t need to be a technical person. Its very simple & Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go To Settings (Gear Icon from Notification Bar or from Menu icon)–> Search for “Security” option.

Step 2: In this instant case, just tap on “Lock Screen & Security” –> Here scroll down & in Security, you will get “Unknown Source” option. By default this option is disabled. Just toggle to the next icon, one window will pop-up, Tap on “OK”. Now, this option is enabled and you can install any third party app on your android device easily.

Also, Refer GIF Image given below:

Install App From Unknown Sources Android

However, it is highly advised not to install apps from unknown sources to keep your device safe & secure because it may harm your device from malware & virus.

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