Facebook has added more security features to keep your account safe/secure from unauthorized access or from Hackers. But, we are not aware of all these security functions. In this article, we will discuss, How you can Secure Facebook Account such that No Unauthorized person can access your account. So, Let’s start with a TIP:

TIP: Always check the URL of Facebook Login Page, Whether it is “HTTPS” or “HTTP”. Hacker may redirect you to a FAKE page of Facebook Login Page, wherein as you enter your login details, the hacker will get your detail and thus your account can be hacked. So it must be “HTTPS”- A Secure Connection. This Method of Hacking is called “PHISHING”. Make it a Point!!!

How to secure Facebook Account

Now, We will take a look on all the Security Features of Facebook one by one.

A. Use A Strong Password For your Facebook Account
B. By Getting Alerts About Unrecognized  Logins
C. Two Factor Authentication
    1. Get A Code on Your Mobile Phone
    2. Use A Universal Security Key to Login Through USB or NFC
    3. Code Generator
    4. Recovery Codes
    5. App Passwords
    6. Authorised Logins
D. Choose 3-5 Friends to Contact if You are Locked Out
E. Keep Tracking From Where You’re Logged In

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A. Use A Strong Password For your Facebook Account

You should always make a Strong password for your Facebook account that you don’t use elsewhere. You can create a Strong password by using different character e.g. Lower Case Letters, Upper Case Letters, Digits 0-9, Special Character etc. You are also advised to change your password after a particular time. This will make your Facebook account more private & non-vulnerable.

How to secure Facebook Account

B. By Getting Alerts About Unrecognized Logins

Every time your account will be logged in from any browser or device which you don’t usually use, Facebook will alert you instantly on your registered email id as well as on your Registered Mobile Number. To add More Email-Id and Mobile Number follow the steps:

  • Go To Settings –> Security & Logins Tab on the Left Pan
  • Scroll Down and under “Setting up Extra Security”, Go to “Edit” Button of “Get Alerts About Unrecognised Logins” 
  • Here you can set, whether you want any alert or notification when anyone logs into your account from an unrecognised device or browser. Here,  Just click on “Add Another Email Id & Mobile Number” Link and add the details of the same, where you will get the alerts every time.
  • Also, Refer to Above GIF Image for Step by Step Procedure & Complete Live Video Tutorial Attached above.

C. “Two Factor Authentication”

Two Factor Authentication provides you an extra layer of security after your Facebook Password. Your password is the static one, one you set up it will be same until you change the same. Two Factor Authentication will provide you a Dynamic Code like “One Time Password” only through which Facebook Account can be logged In.

Facebook provides your various options to turn on the Two Factor Authentication feature. So, Let’s take a look at all the options one by one:


  Get A Code on Your Mobile Phone

You can use your mobile device as an extra layer of security for preventing unauthorised logins to your account. You have to add a Phone Number, on which you want to receive a Code for your login authentication. Just Click on Add Phone Number link on “Text Message” Box to add.

How to secure Facebook Account