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How To Block Email Tracking In Gmail [2018]



In our previous article, we have discussed Email Tracking With Gmail: Know The Exact Time When It was Read/OpenClick Here to read it. Now, In contrary, if anyone attempts to track their Email whether their emails were open/read by you, then How you can Block Email Tracking in Gmail ???

In this article, you will get to know, How you can Block Email Tracking in your Gmail Account.Yes, this also can be done using a simple Google Chrome Extension: “PixelBlock”.

Let’s see how it can be done using this extension.
1. How To Block Email Tracking In Gmail
2. Watch Live Video Tutorial

1. How To Block Email Tracking In Gmail

Consider that the sender is using an “Email Tracking Service”. for example, we are using Deskun for Email Tracking in Gmail. Now, Just follow the simple steps mentioned here and refer GIF Image attached within:

Step 1: First, to download “PixelBlock” Chrome Extension and Install it in Chrome Browser. After the Installation, one icon of “PixelBlock” will appear in the address bar, as shown in Image No.2 of below GIF Image.

Step 2: Now, Logged In your Gmail Account. [as sender, we have composed a mail and sent it to other Gmail account, the recipient one].

How To Block Email Tracking In Gmail [2017]

Step 3: After the Recipient, we, will open/read this sent email, a “Red Eye” icon will appear in that Email, stating that “Blocked 1 Tracking Attempt”, as shown in Image no. 5 &  6 of above GIF Image.

Step 4: Let’s cross check it in the Gmail account through which mail was sent, whether the Email Tracking Service, will show the “Read Mark & Time” for this email.

Step 5: Wow, It is still showing that “No one has read your message yet”, as shown in Image No. 7 of above GIF Image. GREAT!!!

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2. Watch Live Video Tutorial

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