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How to Find, Recover & Download Your Old Instagram Stories



How to find and recover Your Old Instagram Stories

Story is one of the popular features on Instagram and other similars Apps (Whatsapp, Snapchat etc.). Your uploaded story will remain only for 24 hours, after that it will automatically get disappeared. Later after few days, you may like to revive your old favorite moments shared on IG Story. So, Is it possible to view or find or recover your old Instagram Stories?

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Yes, you can easily recover your old Instagram stories from your Instagram App itself. How? Once your Instagram Story get expired after 24 Hours, then it will be stored in the Private section under your Instagram profile. From there, you can recover your expired Old Instagram Stories and you can also Save/Download to your device, Reshare it to your Friends or to your Story. Let’s Check out how to do?

How To Find or Recover Your Old Instagram Stories

Your old and expired Instagram Stores will get saved in the ‘Archive’ section under your IG profile. So, your Stories are safe in the Archive Section. As Archive is your Private storage and only you can see and access it.

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Let’s start and follow the step by step guide as given below:-

Step 1: First open your profile on Instagram App.

Step 2: Now Head to the Top Right Side and tap on ‘Rewind  icon.

Step 3: Here you will get all your Archived Post & Stories. Select ‘Archive Stories’ option from the drop-down menu to see all you Expired and old Instagram Stories.

how to find & recover old Instagram Stories

From here you can watch your old Stories by just a single tap. What More you can do with these old & expired Instagram Stories? Read continue…

How to Reshare & Download Old IG Stories from ‘Archive’

Once you get all your Old Instagram Stories in the Archive section of your IG profile, you can do following tasks with these stories, Such as:

  • Re-Share these stories on your Profile.
  • Add to ‘Highlight Story’ on your Profile
  • Save or Download on your Device.
  • Share with other Instagram users.

To do any task, Tap on any archived Story to view it and then go through the options available on the bottom part of the screen: ‘Share’, ‘Highlight’ & ‘More’.

How to repost, share & Download old Instagram Stories

To Share this Story, tap on ‘Share’ and from the bottom part of the next screen

  • Tap on ‘down arrow’ icon to ‘Save or Download’ this story on your device,
  • Tap on ‘Your Story’ icon to directly send to your Profile Story, and
  • Tap on ‘Send to’ to choose from the list to whom you want to share this story. 

So, Instagram cares for you and save your old favorite moments shared as ‘IG Story’. Hope you like this article, if so, Don’t forget to share it on your Instagram profile.

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