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How to Unseen Someone’s Instagram Story After Viewing it


Hide Seen or Unseen Someone's Instagram Story After Viewing them

Let’s consider the case, wherein you want to watch someone’s story but not want to get listed in the story viewer’s list. For this, we have already explained the best ways to watch someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing. In another case, if you have watched someone’s Instagram Story and now you want to remove seen tag or unseen that Instagram Story so that the Insta profile user can’t get your name in the Story viewers list. Is there any way to do so?

Top Instagram Tricks:

Yes, you can unseen Instagram Story after viewing it. Here you will get an awesome trick through which you can be unseen anyone Instagram Story. This is not a direct way but a way around to achieve our target. Let’s check out what is this way and how you can do it.

How To Unseen Someone’s Instagram Story After Viewing It

If you have viewed someone Instagram Story by mistake and don’t want to come in view of profile owner, or for any reason you want to hide your seen or unseen it, then just follow the simple steps as given below.

This trick is working on both Android and iPhone device & have the similar steps.

Step 1: First open the Instagram App and open the profile of the Instagram user who’s story have watched.

Step 2: Now we gonna block this user from our profile. For this, just head to ‘3 dots’ menu icon from the top right of the profile –> Tap on ‘Block’

For instance, We have viewed the story of ‘Mashnol7’ profile from ‘Mash7nol’ profile. So here we are blocking ‘Mashnol7’ (whose story you have watched) from ‘Mash7nol’ (your profile) profile.

How to unseen someone Instagram Story after viewing it

In the above Image, you can see Story has been viewed by Mash7nol (Time Stamp 21:11) and after Blocking that user from your profile, your profile is removed from the Viewer’s List (Time Stamp 21:13).

That’s It. Blocking the profile is the catch in this trick.

You can unblock that user any time, but it is suggested to unblock after 24 hours the maximum time after which the story will get automatically expired.

To unblock that user, follow the same steps or you may refer our following articles to get a complete guide on blocking/unblocking on Instagram:-

Important Note: Once you block anyone on Instagram, then it will automatically unfollow that profile (if you following that profile). So After unblocking, you have to follow that user again. 

That’s all about unseen already seen Instagram Story. If you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your fellow Instagrammers. 

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