All of us must have noticed that whenever you connect your Windows OS to any Password protected WiFi Network, it will get stored or saved and next time it won’t ask you to enter the password for the same network. So, here you will learn how you can find Network Security Key In Windows 10/8/7 OS of all saved WiFi Network?

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Earlier, we have explained, how you can see saved WiFi Password On Rooted as well as Non-Rooted Android Device. In Windows OS also, you will not require downloading any utility or tool. Even if you logged in with Guest Account, then also you can find network security key in Windows OS. Also, Let’s see how?


As all the password or network security key will get stored or saved in windows system file, we can view it easily with Admin Access. In case, you have not admin access, even with the help of Command Prompt you can find it. Just follow the simple steps given below. If you PREFER to Watch Live Tutorial? HERE YOU GO:

1. Find Network Security Key With Admin Access

Step 1: On the Taskbar, right click on the WiFi tray icon –> click on “open share and networking center”.

Step 2: A window will get Pop Up, In “View Active Network”, you will get the currently connected networks with your Windows OS. Just click on your “WiFi Connection”. “WiFi Status” Window will open.

Step 3: Here, Click on “Wireless Properties” –> Select “Security” Tab–> in “Network Security Key”, you can see the password by just selecting box “Show Characters”.

how to find wifi password on Windows 10

2. Find Network Security Key Without Admin Access 

We can view the WiFi password without admin access with the help of “Command Prompt”. Just check out:

Step 1: To open Command Prompt, use shortcut key “Windows Key + R” and type “cmd” in Run Window.

Step 2: Now, just type the below command to get the list of all network which has been connected.

“netsh wlan show profile”

Step 3: Now, For which network, you want to know the security key, use that profile name in the below command.For Example Profile Name “Mashnol”, the command will be as:

netsh wlan show profile name=”Mashnol” key=clear

Just Enter and you will get all the properties and information regarding this profile or network. In Security Settings, you can see “Key Content”, this is the password of the selected network/profile, as shown in the GIF Image shown below:

how to find wifi password on Windows 10

In this fashion, you can find network security key of all the network along with the currently connected network. Just select the profile and get the security key.

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