How to Remove Captions from Snapchat Pictures

Have you also had any screenshots/pictures on Snapchat with Captions? then before sharing it further and to use, you may want to remove captions from Snapchat Screenshot and pictures. so, is there any way to remove captions from Snapchat Screenshot or Pictures?

Yes, you can remove captions from Snapchat pictures using third-party apps. Let’s check out in detail, how to remove captions from Snapchat Pictures and Screenshots?

How to Remove captions from Snapchat Pictures

If you want to remove captions from Snapchat pictures, then you can follow the given simple and easy steps. Please have a look..!!

Step 1: For the Snapchat caption remover, you have to download the app of remove caption for screenshots from the play store of your mobile phone.

For iPhone, you can download:  CaptionClean – Remove Caption for Snapchat app from iTunes App Store.

Now open the application on your phone.

Step 2: Now, you have to press the clean my photo link and application will show some instructions like if you want to clean photo, then you have to purchase the cleaner function.

Step 3: You can press the let’s clean link and pay the amount by clicking on the Continue button.

After paying the amount, you can use this feature.

Step 4: Now you can choose the picture and press the start cleaning tab which is mentioned below of the page.

If you want to remove caption along with countdown, then you can choose both options.

Step 5: Now processing will, and within a few seconds, your caption and countdown will remove from your picture.

So this is how Snapchat Caption Remover works, you can use it on every picture which has some caption.

You can use any free tool like Easily clean up caption on Snapchat by downloading it through play store of Android/I phone.

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