How to Send Text from Gmail

In Todays Era, people are more connected with their Mobile Phones. So, communication through mobile phones using Call, Whatsapp, Text message etc is the best way to convey your message in seconds. If you are a professional and do communicate with Emails, then the receiver may take time in reading the emails. But, What if you can send your Emails in text messages? 

Yes, this is possible and you can send text messages from your Gmail also. This can be done using a third party Chrome Extension. Let’s see What is this Extension and how to use it to send a text from Gmail?

How To Send Text From Gmail

Step 1: If you want to send text from your Gmail, then in first open Google Chrome browser and search ’email to sms extension for Chrome’.

(Note: This is a free service which only supports in Google Chrome browser).

Step 2: After the first step, you need to click on the top result which will redirect the page to Chrome Web Store in order to provide the extension for Gmail text message.

Step 3: Now, click on Add to Chrome to attach the extension in your Chrome Browser.

Step 4: Again click on Add extension option on the new window.

Step 5: To send text from Gmail, you need to create an account.

Step 6: Select your Gmail account from which you want to create the account.

Step 7: Click on Allow option after reading all the notifications carefully in the new window.

Step 8: Now, you successfully have added the extension which you can see just next to the Send option while composing a new mail. So, you need to click on that icon.

Step 9: Type the phone number with the country code and click on Add Phone Numbers in order to log the number in the mail to send the text.

Step 10: Now, Write the message and Click on send to forward the mail in the form of a text message in that selected phone number.

That’s it.

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