WhatsApp is one of the leading messaging app available for Android & other Smartphone. Many new features have been added time to time. like: “WhatsApp Group”, In WhatsApp Group by default you can add only 256 members or participants. So, Here you will know the trick, How you can increase WhatsApp Group Members Limit from 256 to 10,000 or even more.

Do You Know?:

We have also explained, How To Schedule WhatsApp Message in Android Without ROOT. So, Let’s check out the trick to break the WhatsApp Group Limit theoretically, Graphically [GIF Image], Practically [Video Tutorial].

Increase WhatsApp Group Members Limit to 10,000 or More

Requirements :

  • Device Must be Rooted.
  • ES File Explorer [File Manager]

Download & Install ES File Explorer File Manager from Play Store if not installed and also Your device must be rooted. So once you complete these 2 requirements, just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open ES File Explorer, Click on “Menu icon” of Top Left Corner –> Enable “Root Explorer”.

Step 2: Now Just open the following directory & Edit the “com.WhatsApp_Prefer” file :

Path of Directorydata/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/

Increase WhatsApp Group Members Limit to 10000

Step 3: If it is showing error “Cannot be read” as shown in Image no. 1 of below GIF Image, then Go to “More icon in the Extreme Bottom Right Corner–> Properties–> Go to “Change” in “Permission field”–> Give all the permission to this file –> Click “Ok”.

Increase WhatsApp Group Members Limit to 10000

Step 4: Open the “com.WhatsApp.prefer” in Edit mode by just clicking on “Edit icon” on the top bar. Just search to field “participants_size_limit” which value is by-default set to “257”, change it to any number you want. In this instant case, we changed it to “9999” and Click on Save” from the top bar. That’s it!!!

Increase WhatsApp Group Members Limit to 10000

Step 5: Just one more step to do, Go to “Settings–> Apps –> WhatsApp –> Force Stop” it.

Also, Watch Live Video Tutorial for Better Understanding:

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