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Instagram Video Length: How To Post Longer Videos On Instagram


How to post longer videos on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular Social Media Platform across all mobile devices. For its user, Instagram rolls out new features to its users to make it more popular and useful. But some of the features may have some limitations. For Example, You can make Instagram videos and share it with others through Direct messages or post on your profile or by uploading it to your Story, but there is a limitation of the length of the video. So, how can we post longer videos on Instagram?

On Instagram, you can post video length from 3 seconds to 1 minute on your Insta feed and only 15 seconds on your Instagram Story. But you can overcome this limitation using some geeks. Let’s see how to post longer videos on Instagram?

How To Post Longer Videos On Instagram

We can post a maximum length of 1-minute video, but we can overcome this limitation by uploading multiple videos of 1 min. So, if you want to post 5-minute video on your Instagram feed, then you have to crop its length to 1 min and create 5 videos of length 1 min.

Post-Longer Videos on the Instagram post, by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Login to your Instagram Account.

Step 2. Open the video you’d like to post in your Camera Roll or Library.

Step 3. By using any Video Editor or editing tool in your IOS or Android device, crop the video into multiple videos each of 1 min.

Step 4. Instagram longer videos can now be posted by pressing ‘+’ button on Instagram home page.

How to post longer videos on instagram

Step 5. To post the videos, select multiple posts option, select the cropped videos serial wise.

How to post longer videos on instagram

Step 6. After selecting the videos, edit them, and then post.

The same process can be applied to post video on Instagram story but here, the video has to be trimmed into 15 seconds of multiple videos.


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