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How To Copy And Paste Multiple Items Using Clipboard Manager



In Windows, you can copy & paste a single item at a Time. Sometimes Copying & Pasting multiple items e.g. Text, Images of any other objects from a source location to destination location becomes a very tedious task.

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How it will be good for us, if we can overcome this limitation of windows and can do multiple text Copy and Paste in a single shot using Clipboard Manager. It will save your time & effort whenever you want to do multiple tasks of copying & pasting.

Yes, It can be done with the help of some Clipboard Manager, which stores all the copied/cut items in Clipboard and gives you an option to paste any of the copied/cut items, anytime & anywhere, you want.

So, Let’s take a look some useful Windows Clipboard Utilities:
1. Ditto Clipboard Manager
2. Ten Clips

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1. Ditto Clipboard Manager

This Clipboard Manager saves any type of information/item like text, custom formats, HTML, images etc, on the clipboard. It allows you to access any of those items at a later time. The best functionality of this utility is that even you restart your System, you would get all the copied items as it is, you leave it last. Let’s see It’s More Features:Text copy and paste

Download link: Ditto Clipboard 

Text copy and paste

2. Ten Clips

Text copy and pasteTen Clips is Inspired by “Multiple Clipboards”, PureText, “PowerMenu” and “CopyCat” and improved for personal needs, It’s very lightweight, fast and very easy to use. Like in Ditto Clipboard Manager, it doesn’t have any superfluous window. You can just copy & paste items by selecting the Clip no. with shortcut key & then just paste it.

Text copy and paste

There is some limitation that you can keep up to 10 different objects. But you can easily switch among them.

Text copy and paste

Download Link: TenClips

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