We usually watch Videos directly online or by downloading in your system. For Online, we mostly visit YouTube (No.1 Video Sharing Platform). If you are watching videos on your system [Desktop or Smartphone], you can easily speed up or slow down a video. But, what about Online Platform like YouTube?

Do You Know?

In this article, you will learn how you can watch YouTube Videos in Slow Motion or Fast Motion in your Desktop System as well as in Smartphone like Android, iPhone, Windows. You would also like to know how you can download a specific part of YouTube video.


Playback Speed of YouTube Videos can be controlled using the options in the settings. Let’s see for both Desktop System and Smartphone (iPhone, Android) one by one.

1. Speed Up/Slow Down YouTube Video In Desktop 

In Desktop, on the Right Bottom corner of Video Frame, click on “gear” icon –> Go to “Speed” –> here just select the speed from 0.25x to 2.00x. You may also refer GIF Image given below:

how to speed up youtube video

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2. Speed Up/Slow Down YouTube Video On iPhone/Android 

In your smartphone, just tap on the 3 vertical dot menu icon –> Go to Playback Speed –> from here you can select 0.25x to 2.00x and watch the youtube video in slow/fast motion. You may also refer GIF Image given below:

how to speed up youtube video

It’s a pretty simple & straightforward trick. Use it & Enjoy 🙂

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