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Set Full-Size WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping


Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

WhatsApp is updating its feature time to time and has added new unique features like Sharing Live Location, Delete for everyone, Status etc. But still, one important thing that we all want is missing till now.

Do You Know? 

We usually change WhatsApp profile picture very frequently. Most of the times the picture we use as WhatsApp DP are rectangle size, taken by our smartphones. WhatsApp DP requires a Square shaped image, so whenever you try to set any other size picture as WhatsApp DP you have to crop it and you have to cut some important part of your Image. Like this:

cropped whatsapp profile pic

Is there any solution? Yes, Let’s see how you can set Full-size WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping.

Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

As WhatsApp required a Square shaped Image, we have to convert our other size Image into a square one. This can be done using various free apps developed for only this purpose.

There are many free apps available on Google Play Store, here we come up with 2 such great apps:

  1. Square Droid Apk
  2. No Crop for WhatsApp

Let’s check out one by one, how to use these apps:

 1. Square Droid Apk

Square Droid Apk is one of the best available Apps for posting a full-size picture without cropping on Instagram, WhatsApp or other apps that require Square picture size to fit. steps are pretty simple & straightforward, as given below:

Step 1: First download and install Square Droid Apk on your smartphone.

Step 2: Open this app and Tap on “Square Profile Photo”, it will lead you to your device Gallery section, choose any picture that you want to set as a WhatsApp DP.

Step 3: When you choose any pic, it will give you option for changing Border/BG type as “Colour, Blue, Gradient or Stretch”, choose any of them and tap on “Save” icon.

square droid apk

Step 3: From next screen, you can set the quality of the image & option to directly share the image. Finally, tap on “Save Photo” button to save this image in your device. That’s It.

Now set this Image as WhatsApp Profile Picture and you can easily notice the difference from the original picture. Pretty cool !!! 🙂

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 2. No Crop For WhatsApp

No Crop For WhatsApp also allows you to create a square shape image for WhatsApp & other such apps. You can rotate your image to any angle, add amazing color filters, obtain the iPhone style with its blurred border effect. Steps are similar to Square Droid Apk, as given below:

Step 1: First download and install No Crop for WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open this app and open image from your device. there are various options for editing the image at the bottom bar, add effects as required. After doing all, just tap on “Save” icon shown on the top bar.

That’s It !!! Now you can set this edited image as WhatsApp Profile picture, no need to crop anymore.

So, here we have explained two free apps (Square Droid Apk & No Crop) for setting profile picture without cropping. Use it & enjoy 🙂 You would also like to know

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