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How to know Who Viewed my Instagram Profile?


Who viewed my Instagram Profile Insta Stalker App

Instagram is the most popular photo & video sharing Social Media Platform having its billions of users all around the World. Apart from Sharing Photo & video, you can also send Direct Message, Disappearing Message to anyone. Being a social media user, you may be interested in knowing ‘Who viewed my Instagram profile’. If yes, then you are at right place.

Top Tricks:

Instagram has not included such feature through which you can track or know who has visited or viewed your Instagram Profile. But, if you have Googled it, then you may get some exclusive tools or apps that can tell you exactly who viewed your Instagram Profile. Let’s check out, Is there any such tool or app available or not.

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How to know Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

We have Googled it and got so many apps on Google Play Store and other popular App Store Like: Black Mart AlphaAptoide [Where we can get Paid Apps for FreeRead Here].

Here are some of such apps that claim that using these apps you can know who viewed your Instagram Profile:

We have almost tested each and every app to check whether these apps really work or make fool of us. These apps claim that they can track the IG users who have viewed or visited your Instagram Profile and give you the list of Instagram Users. In results, we found they really give you the List of users in Visited Section. BUT…

Truth Revealed: Actually these apps randomly select some of your Instagram Followers or to whom you followed and show you those, in a list of users who viewed your Instagram Profile. As these apps generate completely Fake List, you can not rely on these apps.

We have already spent a lot of time and money to test these Fake or Malware Apps and Finally come to the conclusion that there is no possible way to track or know Who viewed your Instagram Profile. So, Don’t waste your valuable Time, Money and device storage on these  Fake & Bogus Apps.

Tricks, You Must Know:

However, you can know Who has seen your Instagram Story. Want to know how? Read Ahead.

How To Know Who Viewed My Instagram Story

In Instagram, Similar to WhatsApp, you can update your story with Images, GIF, Videos etc., that will remain for 24 Hours only. Instagram also gives you a facility to know Who has seen or viewed your Instagram Story. 

To know, Open Instagram App –> Tap on your Profile Picture, it will take you to your IG Story.

Now, simply swipe up and you will get the list of all IG users who have seen your Instagram Story. You can also see the exact Numbers, next to ‘Eye’ icon on Top Left of the List, as shown in Image given below:

Who viewed My Instagram Profile

That’s It. 

So Accept the fact that as of now you can only know Who viewed your Instagram Story, not your Instagram Profile. You should also see this awesome trick:

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