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How To Remove Ghost or Inactive Followers on Instagram


How To remove Ghost or inactive Instagram Followers

You may have a lot of followers on your Instagram account but Have you ever noticed that the likes or comments on your Insta Post are very very less in comparison to the number of followers? Here is the Answer: Due to Ghost, Fake or Inactive Followers. So, In this article, you will get the solution to find out the Ghost Followers and to Remove them. 

Top Tricks:

Yes, there may be many Ghost or Fake followers who do not actively participate or engage with you in any manner i.e No Likes, No Comments or no other activity on your Post. If you want to have only genuine Instagram Users, then you have to remove such Fake or Ghost Followers from your IG account. Let’s see how to find out Ghost or Fake followers and how to remove them.

How To Find Out Ghost or Inactive Followers

As explained above, Ghost/Fake or Inactive Followers are those who follow you on Instagram but does not engage with you on Instagram in any manner. 

You can easily find out or identify Ghost Followers by looking at their account details, such as:

  • Number of Posts in Past 30 days
  • No Profile Picture
  • Nos. of Likes or Comments
  • Nos. of Followers
  • Big difference b/w Followers & Following

Looking at the profile of each & every follower to whom you don’t know, will be a very tedious & time taking task. Let’s see how we can find out & remove Ghost Followers in a quick way.

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How to Remove Ghost/Inactive Followers on Instagram

There are many Apps or tools to manage and know the complete Follower Insight of your Instagram account. Out of these Apps, some Apps helps you to discover the Ghost or Inactive Followers and you can directly remove or unfollow them in a single Tap. Let’s check out:

#1. Using ‘Cleaner for Instagram’ App

We have already explained this tool for deleting Multilple Photos or Videos, in our another article, Refer Here, to get detailed guide.

Here, We will show you how this app can be used for detecting Inactive Followers on your Instagram Profile and Unfollow them Instantly in a single tap. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First Download and Install: Cleaner for Instagram App for :- Android or iOS Devices from Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Step 2: Launch this app and login with your Instagram account username and password.

Step 3: This app allow you to trace out the Inactive Followers. By default this Inactive Time period is set to 30 days, but you can change it accordingly from Settings.

Go to Settings –> Scroll down and tap on ‘Select Inactive Users’ –> Select days – 60/90 days or enter Days in ‘Custom’ field –> Save it.

how to remove Ghost or Inactive Followers on Instagram

Step 4: Now Go to the ‘Following’ Tab from the Bottom bar and tap on ‘Quick Select’ blue button –> go with ‘Advanced Quick Select’ option.

Step 5: In the Next, Tap on ‘Select Inactive Users’ –> tap on ‘Start’ button to start the process to get the currect state of every follower.

how to remove Ghost or Inactive Followers on Instagram

Step 6: In result, it will select the Followers who were inactive during the mentioned period. Tap on the ‘Flash’ icon and Tap on ‘Unfollow’. All the selected users will be Unfollowed instantly.

#2. Using Unfollowers & Ghost Followers (Follower Insight) App

This is a multi-function app that analyse your complete Instagram Account and gives you details of all your unfollowers, all your ghost followers (fans), all your mutual followers, all your recent unfollowers app etc.

This App shows the followers who are not followed by your in ‘Ghost Followers’ List. So, if you want that one, just go through the steps given below:

Step 1: At First, Download & Install: Unfollowers & Ghost Followers App on your device from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Lauch this App and login with your Instagram Account credentials.

Step 3: Navigate through the menu and choose ‘Ghost Followers’. Here you will get a list of all IG Followers to whom you have not followed. 

How To Remove unfollow Ghost Follower on Instagram

Step 4: From this list, you can Follow directly or block any user by going through profile of that IG User.

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That’s It. Now you know how to Remove, Block or unfollow the Ghost or Inactive Instagram Followers. Using above mentioned apps, you can also perform various other functions. 

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