WhatsApp is the most preferable instant messaging Apps used over WorldWide. Apart from Messaging WhatsApp have so many new features like: Voice/Video Call, Delete the Sent Message, Share Documents & Media files, Share your Location etc. Your WhatsApp profile may be viewed or visited by many people. Is there any way to know Who Viewed your WhatsApp Profile?

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WhatsApp has not included such feature to track the person who has viewed your WhatsApp Profile. In today’s Era, you will get an exclusive App for an exclusive function. So, we might get an App which can tell us Who Viewed your WhatsApp Profile Picture & Status. Let’s Check out.

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How To Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile

We have Googled it and get so many Apps on Google Play store and other App Store like BlackMart Alpha, Aptoide [Where we can get Paid Apps for Free, Read Here].

For Ex: ‘Who Visit My Profile? – Whats Tracker for WhatsApp’, ‘Whats Tracker’, ‘Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile’ etc.

We have tested all such apps available to check Whether they really work or make fool of us. These Apps claimed that they can track the users who viewed your WhatsApp Profile and it will show you the list of WhatsApp Contacts and you will really see the list of Contacts in ‘visited’ section.

The Truth Revealed: These apps randomly select some of your WhatsApp Contacts and show you in ‘Visited’ List. So, it will be a Fake list and you can rely upon this.

We have already spent a lot of time to search it out and came to know there is no possible way to track Who Viewed your WhatsApp Profile. So, Don’t waste your time on these Apps.

However, You can Track or know Who Viewed your WhatsApp Status. Want to know How? Read ahead.

How To Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp has introduced it new ‘WhatsApp Status’ a while ago. In that, you can set multiple Real-Time Images, Videos, GIF, as your WhatsApp Status that will remain for 24 hours. Here WhatsApp gives you a facility to know Who has viewed your WhatsApp Status.

To Know, Open your Whatsapp –> Tap on ‘Status’ tab –> Tap on ‘3 dots’ icon. Here you can see the number of persons who have viewed your WhatsApp Status.

Tap on ‘Eye’ icon as shown in below image and you will get a list of people who have viewed your WhatsApp Status.

can you tell me who viewed my WhatsApp Profile

That’s It. So, As of now, you can only know Who viewed your WhatsApp Status, not your WhatsApp profile. You should also know this awesome trick:

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