PDF is most favorable document format for all type of devices i.e. from Computer OS to Mobile OS. So, If you want to save any web page or document file in PDF Format, then you may sometimes be stuck because some of the browsers & document format allow you to save in PDF format but not all. In this article, you will get how to add pdf printer to windows 10 in just simple steps.


In Linux & Mac OS, you get by-default inbuilt  PDF printer from a decade. Also, Microsoft is providing the “Pdf to Printer” option in Windows 10 or above version. But, what if you are using older OS Version like Windows 7 & 8 OR it might be possible in your Windows 10, this Microsoft PDF Printer option is missing? Don’t need to worry, here we come up with a simple solution for this problem.

How To Add PDF Printer to Windows 10

Steps to add PDF Printer to Windows 10 or lower version is just straightforward & simple. The method is explained through Live Video Tutorial, GIF Images and also theoretically. If you prefer to Watch Video, Here You GO:

Don’t like to Watch Video? Just follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Go to Control Panel –> Hardware & Sound –> Device & Printers. Here you will get all the devices including the printers available. If you can see “Microsoft Printer To Pdf” Printer in Windows 10, then you are lucky. if not, means it is missing.

Step 2: Now from the Top bar click on “Add A Printer” button. In next window, it will automatically start to scan the printer, if available in the network. But What we want to add is not a real printer, so just click on the option “the printer I want isn’t listed” given below of the box.

Step 3: In next window, select option “Add a local printer or network printer manually”  and click on Next button.

add pdf printer to windows 10

Step 4: In Next window, click on the drop-down menu under the option of “Use an existing port” and select “FILE :(Print to File)” & click on Next button.

Step 5: Next window show you two column, one for Manufacturer & other for Printers to install the driver. In First Column “Manufacturer” select “Microsoft” and in Second Column “Printers” select “Microsoft Print To PDF” and followed by Next Button.

Step 6: In Next window, follow the recommended option “Use the driver that is currently installed” and go to Next Button. Now Name this Pdf to Printer and Go to Next. That’s It, Click on Finish to complete the process.

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Now the printer is added and you can check it in the listed printers as shown in below GIF Image. To check the functionality of this printer open any web page or document file and Go to Print option and here you will get your own PDF printer, just select it and click on Print. It will save this file in PDF format. Voilla!!! Enjoyed :-p

add pdf printer to windows 10

it’s very easy to add pdf printer to windows 10 or older version. Print to Pdf function can be added using software applications also. There are various tools available which provide some additional functionality along with print to pdf functionality. Want to Know?

We will gonna make a separate Article & Video Tutorial for this. Be Connected with us by subscribing our YouTube Channel & Facebook Page. Also, Give your valuable opinions & suggestions in comment section below. If you feel any problem in doing this trick, feel free to comment we will be happy to serve you more!!!

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