Best Websites to Create Avatar Cartoons Online

Social media and the Internet provide platforms to make more connections with the World. Internet is everywhere, that is given online identity to the most human being. Social media plays a great role in it. You can easily connect with a person who is very far from us. But these days, where internet has more virtues, you can’t underestimate its vices as well.

Cyber threats and privacy concerns have become more necessary because you are open on the internet, and anyone can steal your private data like your photos, videos, etc. Considering this concern, you should protect your pictures from hackers and provide a safety shield on them. To solve this problem, you can use Avatar photos online instead of using your real images. Now you will think, how can we create Avatar photos? Best websites to create Avatar cartoons online? So this article can help to find the best Avatar creator websites.

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10 best websites to create Avatar Cartoons online

There are hundreds of Avatar creator online websites available on the internet, but here is providing the best Avatar Creator list is below: –

1. Avachar

Avachara is one of the best Avatar create website. This website converts easily and smoothly your original photos into avatar cartoons. This site is good for those who want to create simple Avatars. You need to select gender, shape, nose, and all other hundred facial effects. By using this website, you can also choose glasses, cloths, masks, etc. And customize your Avatar photo. Avachara is a free website to use.

Visit Website: –

Fig. Avachara Avatar Creator

2. Freepik

We are creating Avatars on other websites. The specialty of Freepik is that here we get 6000+ readymade Avatars instead of making them. That’s why this the best website among them. You can select any Avatars for the profile picture. And tag your friends to find the perfect Avatar character for yourself.

Visit Website:

Fig2. Freepik

 3. Superherotar

Half of the World is the biggest fan of Marvel and DC characters i.e., Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk, Batman, etc. So here is the website tool to create a superhero’s Avatar and share it with others. You can customize and add other features to your superhero. The process is to make superhero Avatar is similar to play dressing games. You need to pick your superhero character’s body parts and combine them and add other accessories such as special moves and poses for the characters, different colors, background music, etc.

Visit Website:

Fig3. Superherotar

 4. Canva – Avatars Smileys Icon

Canva is the best tool to make amazing Avatars. Most people know that Canva is only the best graphic designing tool. Some people might be using this tool according to their different work. But you can’t imagine that Canva can help to make the best Avatars. Canva team has already created hundreds of cartoon Avatars, and you can utilize them from Avatar smileys Icons Section and customize them according to your way.

Visit Website:

Fig.4. Canva

 5. Photolamus

Photolamus is the best website tool to create Avatar. The specialty of this website is that you can develop caricatures from photos. Photolamus gives quite an accurate, colorful, and portrait effect. This tool is not free. You need to pay per photo that you create and send for caricature. But you will not regret spending money because Avatar’s image will draw like an artist. You can check out the website if you get to know about the pricing details and delivery.

Visit Website: 

Fig5. Photolamus

 6. South Park Avatar Creator

If you are a big fan of South Park, this online website tool lets you live those moments again. You will get here all South Park characters with customized options such as 5 different skin tones etc. You can create and convert them and make desired customized Avatar. You can save all the avatars in your Avatar section, for which you need to log in to the website.

Visit Website: 

Fig6. South Park Avatar Creator

 7. Doll Divine

Doll Divine (Mage Anime Avatar Creator) is one of the best websites to create an online Avatar. If you are a manga fan, then you will get everything here. It is easy to use. You need to select gender and start customizing them based on manga characters such as hairstyle, scars, skin, tones, facial tattoos, and more than 20 backgrounds, etc. Create Anime Avatar (Doll Divine) is like play a dressing game on your phone. In this tool, you have to take a screenshot from your phone because there is no option to download the avatar photo. Make sure that while using this website, Adobe flash player is not blocked.

Visit Website:

Fig7. Doll Divine

 8. Character Creator

Cartoon Creator is the special avatar creator online website. With this website’s help, you can create and customize your avatar image from head to toe, including clothes, accessories, etc. You can add pets with Avatar images like- cat, dog, lion, etc. You can resize the photo accordingly

Visit website:

Fig8. Character Creator

 9. Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration maker is the best free avatar photos creator online website. You can create your cartoon photos quickly by selecting the gender if you like pure avatar cartoons, so you must try this avatar maker rather than a sketchy one. You don’t need to worry if you are new to use the avatar creator website. It is a user-friendly website. You can convert your photos easily. You will get more graphic options such as the style of hairs, other face parts in multiple shapes, etc.

Visit Website:

 10. Cartoonify

Cartoonfiy is one of the amazing avatar creator websites online. It is similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji. You need to put your real image, and it will convert into an avatar cartoon accordingly. All you have to do is click on different parts of the human face, and you can see the preview on the left side. It is the fastest tool with more than 300 customized options such as the style of different types of hairs, different shapes, color, size of nose, etc.

Visit Website:

Fig10. Cartoonify


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That’s it! I hope this article may helpful for you to find best online websites to create Avatar cartoons online . Thank you!


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