Facebook one of the Most Popular Social Networking Platform, also has some limitation of the Maximum number of Friends you can have i.e 5000 Friends. Yes, Facebook doesn’t allow to have friends more than 5000 on your timeline.

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But, Facebook has allowed us to have “Followers” like other Social Networking Platforms. For this, you have to allow others under “Who can follow you” settings. Still, Technically you can’t have more than 5000 Friends.

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Facebook Also offer one more option, to convert/Migrate your Profile to a Facebook “Fan Page”. As There is no limitation of “Likes” on Facebook Page, you may have friends in form of “Page Likes”.

Let’s See:
1. Allow Others to Follow your Profile
2. Convert/Migrate Your Profile to a Facebook Page

Watch Step-By-Step Live Video Tutorial

1. Allow Others to Follow your Profile

First Go to Menu Icon–> Settings –>In Left Pan of the Settings Page, Go to “Public Posts” —> In “Who Can Follow Me” Column, Set it to “Public from Friends”. As shown in Given GIF Image below. You may also refer Step by Step Video Tutorial Embedded above.

convert facebook profile to page

2. Convert/Migrate Your Profile to a Facebook Page

To Convert/Migrate from your Profile into A Facebook Page, Just Follow the Step By Step Procedure given:

Step 1. Log in to Facebook Account.

Step 2. Click Here: Migrate Facebook Profile Into a PAGE

Step 3. Click on “Get Started” and “Continue” in a pop-up window. In the Next Window, you can edit the Info of your Page. The point to be noted here is that the name of this page will be same as the Name of your Facebook Profile And “username” of this page will be same as the “Username” of your Profile.

Step 4. In Next window, you have the option to select all the friends, which will convert into “Like” of your Facebook Page.

Step 5. Now, Go to Next and All Done!! You can also Manage your page by go to  “Settings”.

Step 6. After conversion, you have 14 days to copy Profile info into Newly Created Profile Based Page. It is also suggested to Download all “Facebook Data” like Chat Message, Contact etc.

convert facebook profile to page

Step 7. You may also watch Step By Step Complete Video Tutorial Attached above.

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