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How To Hide Your Last seen On WhatsApp But Still See Others


Hide Your WhatsApp Last Seen Status But See others

In WhatsApp, you can set Privacy settings to hide or restrict who can see yours WhatsApp Status, Profile Picture, Last Seen, About, etc. When you apply these settings then the same settings also apply to you, that means you cannot also view others info which you have to hide on your profile.

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So, if you hide ‘Last Seen Status on WhatsApp’ then you can not also see others Last Seen time. But, here we come up with a little trick, that helps you to hide your WhatsApp Last Seen but you can still see others. Wondering How? Let’s just check out.

WhatsApp: Hide Your Last Seen But Still See Others

If you want to hide your last seen from some specific contacts and also want to seen their WhatsApp Last Seen Status, then you can do it through WhatsApp Privacy Settings. There is no need to install extra third party tool for this work. So, Just go through the step-by-step guide as given below:

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Trick Gist: We gonna set Last Seen privacy settings only to ‘My Contacts’ and then to whom you don’t want to show your last seen, just delete their Contacts from your device.

Step 1: First Open your WhatsApp account and go to WhatsApp Settings. Here just Tap on ‘Account’ settings  –> Privacy settings.

Hide your last seen on WhatsApp but see others

Step 2: In Privacy Settings, just tap on ‘Last Seen’ Settings under ‘Who can see my personal info‘ and choose ‘My Contacts’ option from here.

Hide your last seen on WhatsApp but see others

Step 3: Now, you have to just remove the contact number from your device. Just refresh the WhatsApp Contact List and you can see that person number instead of name.

Step 4: So, in this scenario, your WhatsApp Last Seen Status will only be shown to your contacts. As that person is not in your Contact list, your Last seen status will not be shown to him/her. However, you can still see ‘Last Seen Status’ of that person, as shown in the image given below:

Hide your last seen on WhatsApp but see others

This is the best way to hide your WhatsApp Last Seen Status and see others Last Seen Status. As this is simple process through WhatsApp privacy settings, you don’t need to install any third party app for this.

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