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How To Send Colourful WhatsApp Messages In Cool Font Styles


Send Colourful WhatsApp message in Cool Font Styles

Want to get more attention to your message on WhatsApp Group? On WhatsApp you can do only basic text formatting like: Bold, Italic, Strikethrough and one font style: “Monospace”, Read here complete guide. But that’s not sufficient, want more?

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Yes, you can send WhatsApp messages in different fancy and cool font styles using some great Free Apps. So that, you can make your message stylish and more attractive. Also, you can READ WhatsApp Voice message in public using free Transcribing apps, Read Here. Let’s check out how we can send colourful messages on WhatsApp in Fancy font styles?

How To Send WhatsApp Messages in Fancy Font Style

Now you can Update WhatsApp Status with colourful background officially. But what about ‘Text’. You can not change font style in WhatsApp. Here we gonna tell you 3 awesome apps using that you can easily customize your WhatsApp message font styles. Let’s just check out:

#1. Blue Text – Keyboard + Converter

As the name suggests, you can easily write text in ‘Blue Colour’ using this app. There are two ways to write and send text messages in Blue Colour. Let’s understand step-by-step.

Method 1: Direct Copy Blue text from this App

Step 1: First Install Blue Text app on your Android device through Google Play Store.

Step 2: When you open this app, on the welcome screen, you will get space where you can directly write any text and just below of it, that will automatically get converted into blue colour.

Send Blue Colour message on WhatsApp

Step 3: Tap on this blue colour text message and copy it to your device clipboard. Now open your WhatsApp Chat and simply paste it. That’s it.

Send Blue Colour message on WhatsApp fancy

You can also share this blue colour text going through ‘Share’ option just beside of ‘Copy’.

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Method 2: Enable Blue Text Keyboard:

If you want to send blue colour text message frequently then you can directly enable this app’s keyboard. Once you do it, then you can directly send a text message in blue colour on all your instant messaging apps like: WhatsApp. Let’s see how we can enable Blue Text Keyboard.

Step 1: Open this app and tap on ‘3 horizontal bar’ menu icon from top left corner and tap on ‘Keyboard’ option.

Step 2: In the next screen, you will 2 option, First go with ‘Setup the Keyboard’.

Blue Text KEyboard send WhatsApp message in blue colour

Step 3: Now just enable ‘Blue Text’ keyboard by just tapping on cog icon next to it, as shown in the image given below:

Blue Text KEyboard send WhatsApp Facebook message in blue colourStep 4: Now again go to Blue Text App screen and tap on ‘Choose the Keyboard’ and here select the ‘BlueText’ Keyboard as default.

Now, Whenever you chat on WhatsApp or any Messenger app, you can directly type the text message in blue colour with the help of this app’s keyboard.

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#2. WhatsBlueText – Fancy Text Generator Pro

WhatsBlueText is another awesome app that allows you to write in stylish fonts in a fancy manner. Along with, ‘Stylist Blue Color Font’, this app contains 25+ different fancy font style that will make your conversation more attractive & beautiful. Let’s see how to use this app:

Step 1: First Install WhatsBlueText app on your Android Device from Google Play Store.

Step 2: On the welcome screen you will get many Fancy Font options. When you write text in the ‘Input Text’ box, it will automatically convert that text into different fancy font style.

WhatsBlueText Send Colourful WhatsApp message on Stylish Font

Step 3: Just tap on ‘Arrow’ icon –> in the next window you will get 3 options, as shown in above image. Choose any one of them, if you want to send the message on WhatsApp, directly tap on ‘WhatsApp’ button.

Step 4: Select the contact to whom you want to send this message and tap on send icon.

WhatsBlueText Send Colourful WhatsApp message with Stylish Font

That’s it. In this way, you can send messages in stylish fancy fonts available on this app.

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#3. Cool Fancy Text Generator:

This is a very handy tool to convert your normal text into different Fancy & attractive fonts. On this app you can make your text stylish in 2 ways:

A) Through Fancy Text Generator

B) Text  Decorator

First install This App: Cool Fancy Text Generator, from Google Play store and open it. At the bottom, you will get 2 tabs with above-mentioned ways.

Just Tap on anyone and write the text in the ‘Preview Text’ box on top of the screen. When you write text, you will get a preview of this text in different fancy font style or different Decorating formats. Tap on any font style/decorating format and it will get copied to the clipboard.

Cool Fancy Text Generator WhatsApp Fancy Fonts

Now you can paste it anywhere, to share and send it. Like, in WhatsApp Chat, just paste it into any conversation and tap on ‘send’ icon. That’s it.

Now you know the best apps through which you can make your WhatsApp conversation colourful, beautiful and attractive. We hope you will definitely gonna like this article. If yes, then share your thoughts in the Comments. You would also like to get this awesome trick:

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