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3 Easy Way to Take Screenshots In Firefox Without Any Addon


Full Page Screen Capture using Firefox Developer tools

Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser for Windows OS users. Taking screenshots is a simple way to save anything for further reference. Similar to Chrome Dev Tools, Firefox developer tools allow you to take screenshots without using any “Firefox Addon”. Apart from Firefox Developer tool, the newer version of Firefox having built-in Screenshots tool.

Don’t Know? Yes, now you don’t need to install any Addon or plugin in your Firefox browser because the newer version i.e. 55.0 or above having the built-in tool for taking screenshots effectively & easily. So, here you will get following ways for capturing screenshots in your browser natively:-

  1. Using Command in Firefox Developer Toolbar
  2. Using Firefox Developer Tools
  3. By Enabling In-built Firefox Screenshot Tool


Let’s check out all these simple ways one by one. PREFER to Watch Live Video Tutorial?  Here You Go:

1. Using Command in Firefox Developer Toolbar

Developer Toolbar is the place where you can execute the inbuilt commands. So let’s see to use Firefox Developer Toolbar for taking screenshots. You can also take full-page screenshots using this. Just follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Open any web page in Firefox Browser and Press shortcut key “Shift+F2” to open the Firefox Developer Toolbar. This toolbar will appear at the bottom of the window as shown in GIF Image given below.

Step 2: In this toolbar try both options:

=>To take Screenshot of Visible Part of Screen: Type the command: “Screenshot” & press Enter.

=>To Take FullPage Screenshot: Type Command: “Screenshot –full-page” & press Enter.

When you execute the above commands, screenshots will get saved in your system storage in .PNG format. It will also show you screenshot Image & path in “Toast Notification” at the bottom left corner. That’s It!!!

Full Page Screen Capture using Firefox Developer tools

2. Using Firefox Developer Tools

Using Firefox Developer Tools you can do many tasks. Here, you will get how you can use Firefox Developer Tools for taking Screenshots, as we already explained for Google Chrome Browser, Click here to Know.

Step 1: Go To Menu Icon in the Top Right Corner in your Firefox Browser –> Click on “Developer”  –> select “Toggle Tools” OR directly use “Ctrl+Shift+I” to open it.

Step 2: Now in just toggle “Responsive Design Mode” icon or Use “Ctrl+Shift+M” to turn it blue. In Responsive Design Mode you can select any device from the In-built preset list. Also, Click on Rotate icon to Rotate the viewport.

Full Page Screen Capture using Firefox Developer tools

Step 3: All Set? Now just click on the “Screenshot” icon to capture the screen. That’s It!!! Here you will get the Device Frame, just like we have shown in Chrome Browser.

3. By Enabling the In-built Firefox Screenshot Tool

In Firefox 55.0 & Above version, an inbuilt Firefox Screenshot Tools is integrated. But, By-default, you will not get this tool on Address Toolbar. So, let’s check out, how to enable this awesome inbuilt tool & get a Screenshot icon on the Address Toolbar.

Step 1: Open a New tab and enter “About:config” in URL to see the “advance settings” in Firefox browser. Just click on “I Accept the Risk!” button & move forward.

Step 2: In the search bar, type “extensions.screenshots.disabled” and here you can see its value will be “True”. Just double on it to modify it and change it to “False”. Now a Screenshot icon will appear on the address bar, as shown in GIF Image shown below.

Step 3: To capture a screenshot, just click on this icon, Move the cursor or Click & Drag your mouse cursor to select the area of the screen. You can also select the full web page, by just dragging mouse by holding the corners. Now All set, click on “Down arrow” icon appear at the right bottom corner of the selected screen area to download it.

Full Page Screen Capture using Firefox Developer tools

Step 4: You can also save your screenshots in Firefox Browser, by just clicking on “Save” icon. All these saved screenshots will be in “My Shots”, wherein you can download it or share it directly before it expires [14 days].

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