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How To Track/Find Your Lost Mobile Phone – In 30 Seconds


Track Find Your Lost Mobile Phone In 30 Seconds

Mobile Devices or Gadgets are very handy nowadays, So, the chances of losing, get stolen, misplaced or in any other way you can lose access to your mobile device. This device may have your Important data like Contacts, Message, Files/Data etc. Here you will get how you can track lost mobile phone free using Gmail.

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So, if you lose access to your device, it may affect you in either way professionally or personally. It is become necessary to keep track of your device if lost or handle it remotely.

Guys, Here we discuss one such simple method, using which you can trace the location of your mobile device and you can lock your device, Erase the data and make a Ring to your device Remotely. The Following Points will be discussed here:

  1. Watch Complete Video Tutorial of ONE MINUTE
  2. Trace Lost Mobile Device Using Android Device Manager
  3. Requirements
  4. Step-By-Step Procedure

1. Watch Live 1 Minute Video Tutorial

2. Trace Lost Mobile Device Using Android Device Manager

There are various such apps available like FindMyPhone, Theft, Prey,  Mobile Spy, Whistle Phone Finder and much more. Some of these are paid & some are Free to use.

Here, we will discuss “Android Device Manager – A Google Product”, which helps you to locate your lost/misplaced device and help you to keep access to your device. This wonderful tool helps you to:

  • Locate Android Device that is associated with your Google Account
  • Reset your Android Device’s Screen Lock PIN, remotely
  • Erase all data on your device remotely

3. Requirements

There is some condition to work this tool properly to trace your lost device:

Step 1. Your device must be associated with a Google Account. Here In below GIF Image, you can see all your Google Account associated with your device through which you can trace your device.

Track a lost Mobile Phone Free

Step 2. Location must be on, in your Device

Step 3. It should have active Internet Connection.

4. Step-By-Step Procedure

Step 1. Open Any Browser and go to Android Device Manager website.

Step 2. It will ask you to Login with your Google/Gmail Account. Just log in with associated Gmail account.

Step 3. It will start getting the location of your device and withing some seconds, you will get the exact location of your device.

Step 4. As shown in Image No. 5 of GIF Image, You can do following functions remotely:

  • Ring your device
  • Set an Lock PIN to your Device and
  • Erase all the data

Track a lost Mobile Phone Free

Voilla !!! That’s Done.

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