Are you getting bored with sending the messages on WhatsApp without any text formatting?  So, here you will get the way how you can do basic text formatting (e.g. “Bold, Italic, Strikethrough and Monospace”) of Whatsapp Messages.

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In the latest version of WhatsApp, it gives you direct options to format the selected WhatsApp message. However, most of us don’t know about these formatting options. Do you know: Facebook also allows to do basic text formatting? Read Here. Let’s check out where are these formatting options are available and how to use them?

How To Do Text Formatting of WhatsApp Message

As the basic formatting option like: “Bold, Italic, Strikethrough and Monospace”, are given by WhatsApp. So there is no need to download any third party app for this purpose. It is very easy to format the WhatsApp message. Just follow the instructions as given below:

Step 1: Open any WhatsApp Chat and type the message.

Step 2: Now just tap and hold to activate the ‘selection bar’. Select the part of the message which you want to bold/ italic/ strikethrough/ monospace, and tap on ‘3 dot’ menu icon.

Whatsapp Message Formatting Bold Italic Strikethrough monospace

Step 3: You will list of formatting options, just tap on an option and hit the send icon. At one selection you can apply single formatting if you want to use another formatting, select again and tap on another.

for ex: First, we select ‘Bold’ and sent ‘Mashnol’ in Bold. thereafter we apply all there ‘Bold, Italic, Strikethrough‘ and sent ‘Mashnol’. And in the last we only applied ‘Monospace’, as you can see in the image given below:

Whatsapp Message Formatting Bold Italic Strikethrough monospace

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Bonus: You can also do these formatting directly by just adding some character on both side of the text, as given below:

Bold: To bold the message, just add ‘ * ‘ on both side, for ex: *Mashnol* = Mashnol

Italic: To Italic the message, just add ‘_’ on both side, for ex: _Mashnol_ = Mashnol

Strikethrough: To strikethrough the message, just add ‘~’ on both side, for ex: ~Mashnol~ = Mashnol

Monospace: Add “` on both side. for ex: “`Mashnol“`.

You can also apply First three formatting together: ~_*Mashnol*_~ = Mashnol

That’s it. Now you can easily do the text formatting before sending messages on WhatsApp. Just do it and Enjoy 🙂

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