How to change YouTube name

Let us understand now “How to Change YouTube Name.”

Step 1. First, launch your chrome browser or any browser you are comfortable with.

Step 2. Open, in your web browser.

Step 3. Log in to your YouTube account. Click the log/sign in button on the top corner at the right-hand side.

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Step 4. Then add your details and log-in into the account.

Step 5. Now, click on the thumbnail shown at the top right corner.How to Change YouTube Name

Step 6. Then, you can locate a list of options there. Select, settings option.

Step 7. After this, you will see your name on the screen and “Edit on Google” written in blue.

How to Change YouTube Name

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Step 8. Then, it will direct you to the Google+ profile page, and it will show you on screen boxes with your previous name and there you can update your YouTube name as first name and surname.

How to Change YouTube Name

Step 9. You can even enter your any nickname below that if you want your YouTube channel to be known by your nickname and it will then show your name below that, which will be displayed on YouTube account.

Step 10. After changing that, click on OK to save you “new” name.