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Spin The World & Explore/Listen World Radio LIVE FREE


Spin The World & Explore Listen World Radio LIVE FREE

Radio is nowadays part & parcel of our daily routine. In your local area, there will be some Radio station, you can tune to. Radio is one of the ways to connect the people from one place to another. Every Radio Station has their different theme, Genre & personality. But Still the Listeners decide which one is the best.

How it will be good, if you can listen to Radio Stations around the World LIVE Free, from anywhere by just having an Internet facility ???  Its seems to be interesting, isn’t it???

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So, Guys, here we will take a look at Most Popular Website for Online Radio All over the world: Radio.Garden.  This website provides you the facility of listening to the Radio of all over the World. By just spinning the Globe, you can explore the World Radio instantly.

This website is designed by Amsterdam-based Studio Moniker and developed by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. It proves that the Radio Signals have crossed the borders.

listen to world juniors on radio

When you visit this Website Radio.Garden, it will start sprouting live Radio Stations all over Globe in the form of Green Dots. These Green Dots shows the Radio station for that particular location. Just Spin the Globe, Select the Country & location in it, and listen to the Radio of that location.

For some major location, where more than 1-2 Radio stations are available, you will be shown a bigger Green Dot. Just as shown in Above GIF Image No. 3 & 4, There are various radio stations available, which you can select and listen.

Apart of “Live Radio”, 3 more features – “History”, “Jingles”, “Stories” there as shown in GIF Image no. 7.

In “History” offers how Radio has crossed the borders all over the nations. In Jingles area consist of old theme with different Stations.

In “Stories” section, listeners all over the world share their experience with this website.

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