Every web user must have many accounts on many websites, so does many passwords. It’s really hard to remember all the passwords for the accounts and for this we generally save the password in our browser.

Top Tricks:

Sometimes, Its happen that we forget the password but save the day due to the browser save password function/facility. If we want to know the password hidden behind the “*” (Asterisk), then how we can do it??

There are various online tools, browser extension, apps etc. available for this purpose. Here, we will tell you a very simple trick through which you can reveal the hidden things behind the “Asterisk”.

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 Step by Step Trick :

 1. Just open the page in your browser, where the password or other things are hidden behind the “Asterisk”. For Example, I want to reveal password of Facebook Account.

2. Select the password field, and Right Click on it –> Click on Inspect

     OR     You can use shortcut key – “Ctrl+Shift+I”, as shown below:

 Reveal Hidden Password Behind Asterisk FREE
3. One window will open in the Right side, showing the basic coding part of that web-page. In this window, the coding of the selected part will be shown. Reveal Hidden Password Behind Asterisk FREE
4. Now, Just double click on the “type” field, and set it from “password” to “text” and press Enter. Reveal Hidden Password Behind Asterisk FREE
5. That’s it, the things behind the Asterisk will be revealed, as shown in above Image.
Also Watch: Video Tutorial of this Trick:
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