Whatsapp is one of the best apps to share messages & media files instantly and nowadays almost everybody is using “Whatsapp”. Due to its popularity, it can be used for many illicit activities. So, a question arises, Can u hack Whatsapp?

Whatsapp can not be share with others just like Facebook, so it easy to cheat with any Boy/Girlfriend. Therefore, sometimes it is required to hack the WhatsApp account.

Here, we will tell you, How to Hack Whatsapp Account of your friends within just 30 seconds by using the feature of “Whatsapp Web”.

Disclaimer & Warning: This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t use the information given in this article to do anything illegal. If you break or violate any Law, our website and author will not be responsible for any actions taken against you.

Just Follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1. Open Google Play Store & Download & Install “Whatscan for Whatsapp” on your Mobile.

Step 2. Open this app on your phone, refer to Image No.2 of below GIF Image.

can u hack whatsapp

Step 3. Now, Just open the Whatsapp Account in your Friend’s Mobile and go to “3 dot” Menu icon and select “Whatsapp Web”, as shown in above Gif Image:

Step 4. From your Friends, Mobile Phone’s Whatsapp, Scan the QR Code open through “Whatscan for Whatsapp” app.

Step 5. That’s It, In your Mobile Screen, Whatsapp of your friend will be opened & you can manage your friend’s Whatsapp account through your Mobile Phone.

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