Youtube Owned By Google, is the Biggest Video Sharing Platform over the Internet. Youtube allows users to become partner & earn money with it by creating a Youtube Channel and uploading unique videos.

Youtube doesn’t allow its users having “Youtube Channel”, to upload Audio File. But, if we want to convert audio to video for Youtube upload, how can we do it?

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There is a website: TunestoTube which allows users to upload an Audio file with an Image File.  You may also watch Complete Video Tutorial here:

How To Convert Audio To Video For YouTube Upload

Step 1. Visit: TubetoTunes website.

Step 2. On Landing Page, It will ask you to “Sign in Google account”. Here, you have to Sign In with that Google/Gmail account to which your Youtube Channel is linked/created.

Step 3. Once you Sign in, it will ask you “permission” to “Offline Access”, your youtube channel to upload Video on it. Just Allow It.

Step 4. Now, you will get redirected to a page, where you can upload Audio File. In the left side of the Page as shown in Image no. 5 of above GIF Image, upload Mp3 file & an Image file.

Step 5. If you have not any Image, then below of this section, there is an option you can create a Background Image by just choosing the colour & text you want and click on “Create Background Image”. (As shown in above Image no. 7 of GIF)

Step 6. Now, come to the Middle Section, where you have to enter details of the Video, which you want on your youtube channel with the uploaded Audio. Just fill all the details you want.

Step 7. Last Step, In the Right Most Section, Just click on “Create Video” as shown in Image No.10 of Above GIF Image. It will start creating Video & will upload automatically to your youtube channel.

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