4 Different Ways to Share Files From Android And PC

Want to transfer/share files between Android and PC? There are some traditional as well as some method by exploring the latest technology to share files between your Smartphone to PC system.

Here, We will discuss 4 (Four) Different ways by which you can transfer/share files from one device to another, including the traditional ones to the latest ones.

1. Transfer Files With A USB Cable
2. Using Bluetooth Connection
3. Transfer Files using WIFI connection by “Shareit” TOOL – Best File Sharing App
4. Transfer/Share Files Using Whatsapp

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1. Transfer Files With A USB Cable

Transferring the files using a USB cable is the traditional way & effective way till date. No Technical knowledge is required. You have to just connect your Mobile Device to PC/Computer System with a USB cable.

Also, you have to give permission to “allow access to Device Data” which establish an MTP connection. Now, Your Phone device will be shown in your System, from where you can Move into/out files from your mobile device.

2. Using Bluetooth Connection

Using Bluetooth you can connect your Mobile Device to your Laptop System. By Establishing such connection, you can transfer/share the files b/w two connection devices.
But the speed of transferring the files is very slow, you can’t use this method for transferring the big size files. You can refer for establishing the connection.

3. Best File Sharing App:- Shareit

Transfer/Share the files over Wifi connection is a very good option, as the speed of the transferring of the files is the fastest in this method. There are various tools available for transferring/sharing the files over cross platforms using WiFi.

One of the Best file sharing app is: “ShareIt”. Download this tool to both your PC/Laptop & Mobile Device ( from PlayStore). After Installation, Open this tool on both devices.

Step 1. In your Mobile Device, Open ShareIt and click on “Send”/”Receive” button for sharing & establishing a connection with the other device.

Step 2. Now, Select the file which you want to send, if, and click on Send button, on your mobile device.

Step 3. Just make both the devices on the same network/Wifi Connection/Connect via Hotspot.

Step 4. Select “Connect PC” option and Click on “Go” option in next windows –> Scan to Connect. Now Its turn of your Other Device, Click on “Scan QR Code”, on your Laptop/PC system and Scan this code with your Mobile Device.

Step 5. Now, you will be shown tow option (i) via LAN (ii) via Hotspot. You can connect with both the option, just select one of them and proceed.

Step 6. Voilla!!  The connection has been established and transferring of the files will start.

4. Transfer/Share Files Using Whatsapp

In our earlier Article, we have shared the trick:

How To Download/Run Whatsapp In Windows PC Using Browser & Application

First check above trick and then follow further steps as given below.

Now, open WhatsApp in your Windows PC using Browser/Whatsapp Application.

Step 1. For Sharing the files, you have to share files on WhatsApp to anyone, so why should not we share files of our Mobile device to yourself.

Step 2. Close the Whatsapp in your Mobile device. Go to Contacts and select your Mobile number, through/on which you have Whatsapp account. There you will get, “Call on Whatsapp” & “Message on Whatsapp” option, just go to “Message on Whatsapp”, as shown in Image no.5 of GIF image given below and send a  simple message to make it an entry on your WhatsApp.

Step 3.  Now, you can share files from one of the devices – PC System/Mobile Device to yourself on Whatsapp, which will reflect automatically in another device, on PC OR Mobile Device.

Step 4. This way you can download it on another device.

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