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How To Make Your Browser Working Offline [Chrome, Firefox]


Make Your Browser Working Offline Chrome, Firefox

Let’s consider the situation, you are working or reading over the internet in your system and suddenly Internet connection goes off. Once this webpage got refreshed, you can’t continue to read or work on it. In this scenario, how it will be good if by anyways you can at least read the web pages visited by you in your Browser? Result: You can make a web page available offline. It sounds awesome?

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YES, you can make your browser working in offline mode directly or indirectly. Some Browser gives you a direct option of “Work Offline” for ex: Mozilla Firefox and some doesn’t for ex: Google Chrome. In this article, we are gonna explain, how you can make Google Chrome Browser as well as Mozilla Firefox Browser working in offline mode so that you can make web pages available in offline mode.

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We generally prefer Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox over other browsers. Google Chrome Browser doesn’t give a direct option to make it work in offline mode.  But, we can do custom modification in our Google Chrome settings. So, let’s see how we can make a web page available offline in Google Chrome Browser.

Steps are pretty simple as given below OR Refer a short & Quick Video tutorial to make it clear practically:

Step 1: Open your Chrome Browser and type Chrome://flags in the URL bar and hit enter.

Step 2: Now search for “Show Saved Copy Button” option and set its value form “Default to Enable:Primary” and click on “Relaunch Now” button to make this setting effective. That’s It.

chrome show saved copy

Now onwards, whenever you visit any website or web page, Chrome Browser will save a copy for you. Whenever your Internet connection is not active and you want to access the web pages already visited by you, it will an option to “Show Saved Copy”, just click on it to access that webpage instantly. Voilla!!!

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Mozilla Firefox browser directly gives you an option to work in offline mode. So, its make very easy to get any visited webpage whenever your Internet Connection goes off. Let’s see how we can enable it.

A step-by-step guide is given below and also Refer a short quick Video Tutorial to make it clear practically:

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox Browser, go to “3 horizontal bar” menu icon from Top-Right Corner–> click on “Options”.

Step 2: From Left Pan, Click on “Privacy & Security” –> In right pan search for “Cache Web Content” and select the checkbox of “Override automatic cache management”. From here you can also set cache size. Once it reaches it’s maximum size, it will start overriding the cache automatically to keep you updated.

Step 3: Now whenever your Internet connection goes off and want to work offline, Go to Menu icon again –> Click on “Web developer” option and select “Work Offline” option available at last.

That’s It!!! It really makes our work smooth and easier. Share your experience & any suggestions in the comment section below.  You would also like to know

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