Want to block some malicious Websites on your Android Device? You may come across many suspicious or malicious websites on your Android Device. The best way to stop them from appearing again is by blocking them. So, How we can Block Websites on Android device?

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We have already shared a detailed guide, in which we have explained the popular & easy ways to block Websites on Windows or Mac OS, Read Here. In this guide, we gonna share 2 easy & different methods to Block Websites on your Android Phone or Device. Let’s see how.

How To Block Websites on Android Device 

Here, we gonna explained 2 easy methods to Block any website on your Android Phone or Device:

Method 1: Block Website on Android Device using ‘BlockSite’ App

Method 2: Block Website on Android Device by Editing ‘Hosts’ File

Method 1. Block Website on Android Device using ‘BlockSite’ App

‘BlockSite’ is a wonderful app that gives you options to block distracting apps and website on your Android device. Its other features are as under:

  • Block any website/URL
  • Block Any Installed App
  • Block Adult Websites with built-in ‘Porn’ blocker
  • Cross-Browser Website Blocker
  • Schedule or Permanent Blocking

To Block Any website on your Android Device, Follow the step-by-step guide given below:

Step 1: First Download & Install: BlockSite App on your Android Device from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Launch this app and Tap on ‘Enable’ button appearing on the Welcome Screen and give it accessibility permission for the proper working of this app.

How to Block webiste on Google Chrome on Android

Step 3: Now you are ready to block any app or website. Simply tap on (+) icon appearing on the Bottom Right Corner.

Step 4: On the next screen, There are 2 Tabs – (i) Website (ii) App. Tap on ‘Website’ to block any website and Enter the URL or Website address in the empty field –> Tap on ‘✔’ from Top-Right to save it.

How to Block webiste on Google Chrome on Android

Step 5: Now simply try to visit that website on any browser and you can see the result. You will not be able to access that website.

You can also schedule this blocking by tapping on the ‘Clock icon’, marked in above middle image. If you don’t schedule it, then the websites will be blocked permanently until you changed it.

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Method 2: Block Website on Android Device by Editing ‘Hosts’ File

Similar to Windows & Mac OS, you can block websites on Android device by editing ‘Hosts’ file. As this is a System file, to edit this file you are required to have Root Access. If your device is not rooted, then you can only view this file, but can’t edit it. If your device is rooted, then to block any websites follow the steps given below:

Note: You can use any File Explorer, but we prefer ‘ES File Explorer’ to easily navigate through the system files & folders.

Step 1: First Open ‘ES File Explorer’ or any other File Explorer.

Step 2: Tap on ‘3 Horizontal Bar’ menu icon –> Tap on ‘Device’ under ‘Local’ menu –> and Tap on ‘etc’ foder.

How to Block webiste on Google Chrome on Android

Step 3: Scroll down and search for ‘hosts’ file –> Tap on it and open it as ‘Text’ –> Select ‘ES Note Editor’.

Step 4: Now tap on ‘Pencil’ icon on this Editor and Add a new line with this syntax:  ‘ <website URL>’ 

For example:  www.facebook.com
How to Block webiste on Google Chrome on Android

Finally, Tap on ‘save’ icon and restart your Android device. That’s It. Now you can check the result by simply browsing that URL on the browser.

In the similar fashion, you can block any website by just adding a row and redirecting that URL to the Localhost URL.

*BONUS TIP: Block Internet Access in Specific Apps on Android

You can also block or control Internet access used by any installed App. So that, Apps like Chrome Browser, can not access the internet and in this indirect way, you can also prevent others from accessing your Internet. This can easily be done using an awesome Android App.

Refer here: How to Block Internet Access in Specific Apps on Android

That’s All. Now you can easily Block any website on your Android device with or without using any App. Also, Stop other Apps from accessing Internet access on your device. Like this article? Share your views in the Comments.

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