Reading WhatsApp message without opening them, can help you in many instances. Your friend sending you a message on WhatsApp, You want to read this message but don’t to reply instantly. Here this trick will save you. In this article, you will get 5 Simple ways to read all incoming message but without opening them or notifying the sender.

Blue Stick Mark on the sent messages, Notify sender that the recipient has read their sent messages. We can avoid this in 5 simple ways. Do you know? you can also schedule WhatsApp Message | you can delete the sent message on WhatsApp | Run Multiple WhatsApp Account without Root | Also set Full-Size HD Profile Picture without cropping. Also, read these awesome articles. Now, Let’s see what are these 5 Simple Way and how to read WhatsApp message without letter sender know.

[5 Simple Ways] Read WhatsApp Message Without Opening

#1. Disable Read Receipt Option

Let’s start with the WhatsApp inbuilt option of Disabling Read Receipt. Yes, by disabling the Read Receipt, No sender can see the ‘Blue Tick’ mark on the sent message. However, the same condition applies to you also. After disabling Read receipt, you can not also get ‘Blue Tick’ mark on your sent message.

To Disable Read Receipt, go to 3 vertical dot menu icon on the Top-right Corner –> Tap on ‘Settings’ –> Go to ‘Account’ –> ‘Privacy’.

Scroll down and at the last, you will get ‘Read Receipt’ option under ‘Messaging’. Just deselect it and done.

disable read receipt WhatsApp messages

#2. Peep From Notification Bar

You are being notified of any update in any app through Notification. Although you can disable Notification from any individual app in your Android device. But we usually like the notification from messaging apps, like: WhatsApp.

We gonna use this facility. The sender of the message will only be notified with Blue tick, after you open Chat Box in WhatsApp. So, when any Notification comes from WhatsApp, you can directly read it from there and also you can read the full/partial message by scrolling an individual notification.

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#3. Turn On Airplane Mode | Turn off Mobile Data/WiFi & Read Message

This is another short trick to read messages without letting the sender know. Just do the following steps to do it:

Step 1: As soon as you receive a WhatsApp message, go to your phone settings and turn on Airplane/Flight Mode. Here we gonna disconnect the internet connection so that no update can be sent over the internet. You can also turn off Mobile Data/Wifi to do this.

Step 2: Now you can read all WhatsApp messages without letting the sender know.

Step 3: Once you read, Close your WhatsApp from Recent Apps so that after Connecting to the Internet connection WhatsApp will not send any updates automatically.

Step 4: Now turn off Airplane Mode | Turn on Mobile Data/Wifi, as the case may be. That’s It.

Now, Whenever next time you will open WhatsApp, the sender will automatically get notified with Blue ticks.

#4. Place WhatsApp Widget on Your Home Screen

Neither you want to disable Read Receipt option nor want to do the long exercise of disconnecting Internet Connection, you would like to use this trick. You can put WhatsApp Widget on your device Home Screen and can easily see all the Unread messages.

As this will not gonna open your WhatsApp, the sender will not be notified with the Blue tick. To set the WhatsApp Widget on your Device Home Screen, just do the steps as given below:

Step 1: Just Tap & Hold on your device Home Screen, at the bottom you will get options to change Wallpaper, putting a Widget & changing Home Screen layout.

Place WhatsApp Widget to Home Screen - Read WhatsApp Message Without Opening

Step 2: Tap on ‘Widgets’ option –> on the top search bar, search for WhatsApp. It will show you available Widgets for this App. Tap & Hold any Widget and scroll/drop it to the Home Screen.

That’s it. Now this widget will show you all the Unread Messages without sending any notification to the sender. The only drawback of this is that you can read only the text message, Any Image, Audio, Video or Voie Message can’t be accessed through it.

#5. Use Unseen App – ‘No Last Seen’

At last, if you don’t want to use all the above tricks, then you can refer a Free App that will work for you: ‘Unseen – No Last Seen’ App. This app works perfectly for WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and Viber. Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and search for ‘Unseen’ app and install it in your device.

Step 2: Open this app and on Welcome Screen, it will ask you to allow Notification Access, Tap on ‘Enable Accessibility’.

Step 3: Now just toggle next to ‘Unseen’ to ‘On’. Now you have allowed this app to access all the notifications received.

Read WhatsApp Message Without Opening using Unseen App

Step 4: From the settings menu, you can select the Apps out of the Four (Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber & Telegram), whom data you want to store in this app.

Now onwards, whenever you receive any notification, all will automatically get saved in this ‘Unseen’ App.

Now, guys, you know all possible simple ways to read WhatsApp message without opening or notifying the sender. Which method do you like the most, share with us in the comment section below. enjoy 🙂 You should also know this awesome trick of Tracking Any Mobile Number Current Live Location on Map.