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Best Fake Facebook Status, Funny FB Chats or Fake Tweet Generators


galau.me fake post status, message generator facebook

Have you ever came across with fake Facebook Status, Wall post, FB Chats or Fake Tweets of Famous personality’s, that seems to be Fake or manually fabricated? You are wondering, how these memes are created? There are many Free online services or websites available, that allows you to create such Fake Facebook Status, Wall Post, Fake Chat messages or Fake Tweet.

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In this article, You will get 5 Best Free Websites or Online Services, to create Fake Facebook & Twitter Post of your Favorite Celebrity or personalities. Previously, we have told you the Best Free Prank Call & SMS App to Freak Your Friends, but to create Fake Facebook or Twitter Chats, be a completely different and interesting thing. Let’s check out.

Best Fake Facebook or Twitter Post Generators

If you Google it, you will get a lot of websites, Here we are gonna tell you the Best 5 Fake Post & Message Generators for Facebook & Twitter. Here are the following websites that will work for you:

  1. PrankMeNot
  2. GenerateStatus
  3. FakePostGenerator
  4. iGenerator.eu
  5. Galau.me

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#1. PrankMeNot

PrankMeNot is a wonderful platform for creating Fake Facebook Status / Chat Generator, Fake Twitter Message Generator. As the Interface is very simple, anybody can make funny chats or tweets that looks like the real one.


It gives you 4 following option to create fake and funny Status/Message:Fake Facebook Twitter Post GeneratorsJust, select anyone and start filling the data and images of your favourite Stars. You can also view the preview, how it will gonna be shown. Once all done, click on the “Download … as Image” button and share it with your Friends 😉

Prankmenot Best Fake Facebook twitter message generator

Visit: PrankMeNot

#2. GenerateStatus

GenerateStatus is a complete package for Social Media. Apart from Facebook & Twitter, you can also create Fake Post, Chats etc for Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat & iPhone.

GenerateStatus also has a simple Interface. That makes easy to create Fake  Post, Chats, Messages etc, for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and more… Let’s see using this platform, what you can create:

  • Fake Facebook Status Generator
  • Fake Facebook Chat Generator
  • Fake Facebook Post Generator
  • Fake Twitter Tweet Generator
  • Fake Twitter Message Generator
  • Fake Instagram Post Generator
  • Fake Whatsapp Chat Generator
  • Fake Snapchat Generator
  • Fake Iphone Chat Generator

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Here is an example of ‘Fake WhatsApp Chat Generator’:

Generate Fake Status Post for Facebook twitter instagram whatsapp

Visit: GenerateStatus

#3. FakePostGenerator

Using FakePostGenerator you can also create Fake Facebook or Twitter posts, funny chats that are never existing. This is also completely Free online tool, you don’t have to register or signup to create Fake Post, Chats and messages for your favourite Social Media Platform. Apart from Facebook & Twitter, You can also create Fake Chats for WhatsApp & iPhone.

Here are the following 7 Fake Message/Chat Creator Tools, you can use:

  • Facebook Status Generator
  • Facebook Full Chat Generator
  • Facebook Chat Generator
  • Twitter Tweet Generator
  • Twitter Message Generator
  • iPhone Chat Generator
  • WhatsApp Message Generator

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Fakepostgenerator for facebook, twitter, whatsapp, iphone

Visit: FakePostGenerator

#4. iGenerator.eu

iGenerator.eu is another Spoof Chat & Fake Post Generator online tool. It’s completely Free, no need to sign up. Using this website, you can create a Spoof conversation on Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Android, Snapchat & WhatsApp.

iGenerator.eu Fake Spoof Chat message sms generator online

Simply select anyone and create your Fake Chat and download this Fake or spoof chat or message as an Image. That looks like the real one. Enjoy.

Visit: iGenerator.eu 

#5. Galau.me

Similar to above-mentioned websites, Galau.me is also a great online platform for creating Fake Chat, Post, Messages, Status etc. for various Social Media Platform like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp along with iPhone.

Here are the following 7 Fake Message/Chat Creator Tools, you can use:

  • Facebook Status Generator
  • Facebook Full Chat Generator
  • Twitter Tweet Generator
  • Twitter Message Generator
  • Fake Iphone Messages
  • Fake Instagram Generator
  • Fake Whatsapp Conversation

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galau.me fake post status, message generator facebook

Visit: galau.me

Now, you have got 5 Best online Free Tools to create your own Fake Post, Chat, Message etc for Various Social Media Platform and also for iPhone & Android devices. Let us know, Which tool you like the most, in the comment section below. Do You Know, this awesome trick:

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