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Get Google’s ‘View Image’ Button Back to Image Search


How to Get back Google View Image

Do you use Google Search Engine for searching images? Then, next time whenever you will search Image on Google, then you gonna definitely miss  ‘View Image’ button. This is because Google has removed ‘View Image’ button from the search results.

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Google' View Image option get back

This button allows users to view & download the original image without visiting the site. This was the reason that others were not getting any information/instruction for re-using those copyright images. Regarding this, In 2016, Getty Images filed a complaint against Google with European Union that “Google is creating captivating galleries of high-resolution, copyrighted content“.

Google View Image option removed

Now, to resolve this issue, Google has taken a stunning step by removing the ‘view Image’ button from the search result. So, is there any way to get the old ‘View Image’ button back? Let’s Check it out, both how you can get back ‘View Image’ button and how you can view the actual Full-Size image without using any tool/extension?

Get Google’s ‘View Image’ Button Back

One Google Chrome Extension – View Image, will give you back your old days. Yes, Just you have to install this extension from ‘Chrome Web Store‘. Next time you search any image you will get ‘View Image’ button back. Download link is given below.

Download: View Image

View Full Image without ‘View Image’ button

Does this Google step solve the actual purpose? As we can easily download any image by just right clicking on it and selection ‘Save as Image’ option. But, by doing this you will not get the actual full-size image.

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Let’s look at another option, If you don’t want to download any tool in your browser, then even you can easily view & download the full-size actual image in your web browser. For this do the following steps:

#1. Right click on the Image and go to “Copy Image Address” option.

#2. Now, open a new tab in your web browser and paste this URL. Here, you will get the actual full-size image and you can download it easily.

Save actual image direct without view image

So, Now you have got back ‘View Image’ button to Google image search results. And also you can use another method to view & download the actual quality image. Do you like this latest Google update or not? Share with us in the comment section below. You should also know this awesome trick: How to Export Phone Numbers of Your Facebook Friends


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