How to Hide Last Seen or Last Active Time on Facebook Chat

On Facebook, whenever you come online, then your friends can view your Last Active time stamp on Facebook Chat window. Also, If you read any message received on Facebook, then the sender will get the seen status as: “Seen xx:xx AM/PM”. It may reveal your presence on Facebook. So, if you want to hide from Facebook, then you have to Hide yourself from both “Last Seen” & “Last Active” timestamp.

Top Tricks:

Facebook doesn’t give you an option to hide yourself from others except “Turn off Chat” feature. But, after doing so, the sender will get the “Last seen” for the sent message. We have searched out working solutions for this for both Desktop & Mobile Users. So, Let’s check out all working Methods which enables you to read Facebook Chat without Showing online or Hide your Last seen or Last Active.

How To Hide Last Seen & Last Active Time on Facebook Chat

As there is no such inbuilt feature or settings to hide your Last seen status on Facebook, We gonna use Addon/Extension for Firefox/Chrome browsers and a free App for our Mobile Device. Let’s see the step by step procedure for all Methods:

#A. For Desktop/PC:

  1. Using ‘Unseen- Chat Privacy’ Chrome Extension
  2. Using ‘Message Seen Disable For Facebook’ Addon on Mozilla Firefox
  3. Using ‘AdBlock Plus’ Chrome Extension & Firefox Addon

#B. For Android Mobile Device:

   4. Using Unseen App 

Note: It is advised to Log out your Facebook Account from all other devices so that your Last seen privacy could be maintained.

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#A. Facebook: Hide Last Seen or Last Active Time on Desktop

Let’s see for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser with the help of Extensions or Addon.

1. Using ‘Unseen-Chat Privacy’ Chrome Extension:

Step 1: First Download & Install ‘Unseen-Chat Privacy Extension on your Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Once it is installed successfully, an ‘Eye’ icon will get appear next to the URL bar. Just Click on this ‘Eye’ icon, you will get various options:

  • Block the ”Seen” feature
  • Block the “Delivery receipts” feature
  • Block “Last active” indicator
  • Block the “Typing…” indicator & 2 more

Step 3: Simply Select all the above 4 options, it will hide your Last Seen status as well as ‘Last Active’ Time Indicator on your Facebook. If you want to activate this extension on, select the last option, as shown in above image.

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2. Using ‘Message Seen Disable For Facebook’ Addon on Mozilla Firefox:

Step 1: First Download & Install: Message Seen Disable for Facebook Addon on Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Step 2: After successful installation, you will get an icon of ‘Facebook’ on the URL Bar.

Step 3: Now it is activated, simply open Facebook and read all the message.

Note: This extension does not hide your ‘Last Active’ Timestamp. If you want to hide it, simply ‘Turn off Chat’ on Facebook.

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3. Using ‘AdBlock Plus’ Chrome Extension & Firefox Addon:

‘Adblock Plus’ extension is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browser. This is the easiest and best way to hide yourself on Facebook Chat from Last Active & Last Seen Timestamp. Follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: First Download & Install ‘AdBlock Plus’ in ‘Google Chrome’ or ‘Mozilla Firefox’ browser.

Step 2: Once installed, One icon of ‘Adblock Plus’ will appear on the URL Bar. Just click on this ‘Adblock plus’ icon –> Go with ‘Options’ from the pop-up menu window.

Step 3: You will be redirected to an Adblock plus option page. Scroll down and click on ‘Start Writing My Filter List’ to add a filter on a URL.

Step 4: Now Add this URL: “https://*”, in the Filter list & click on ‘Save’ Button.

That’s It. Now your Last seen will not be seen to anyone on Facebook. Enjoy 🙂

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#B. Hide Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber – Last Seen Status on Android Device

On your mobile device, you must have using other messaging apps like: WhatsApp, Viber. For these also, you can hide your last seen status to your friends. That means you can read all the messages without leaving your last seen timestamp.

This can be done with the help of an awesome app: ‘Unseen- No last seen or read’

Its very simple to use this app. Just install it on your Android device, give it required Accessibility permissions and ‘On’ this app for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber.

We have already explained the functionality of this app in our another article, Just refer Here:

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All these extension or tools are very easy to use and you can easily hide your Last seen/ Last Active time on Facebook Chat.

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