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How To Add Program To System Startup In Windows 10|8|7


add program to startup windows 10

Some Windows utility programs and software applications configure themselves to start automatically whenever system boots or start. Now if you want some specific program/software, files or folder should also start whenever you start or boot your Windows system, then how we can add such programs or files in Startup List?

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Yes, this can be done by just adding a shortcut of that program, file or folder in “Startup Folder” of our Windows System. Let’s see how we can change Windows Startup Settings and Add/Remove Programs from System Startup folder in Windows OS.


“Startup” folder is the hidden system folder, however, you can access windows hidden system folder using “Shell” command. So, let’s check out how to open “Startup” and how to add program into it. Follow the simple steps given below OR A short video is also given below, you may refer it:

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Step 1: To open Startup folder, we will use Run Command: “Shell”. Just open Run window with “Windows Key+R” and type shell:startup and press Enter.

Step 2: Window of Startup folder will get opened. Now Here you can see the shortcut icon of many system programs. There are 2 ways to add the shortcut of any file/folder or program into it.

(1) Right Click anywhere in “Startup” folder and click on “NEW” and select “Shortcut”. Just browse the location of the program or file/folder, in next window named this shortcut and finish it.

(2) You may directly Copy the concerned program into it.

Once you have made entry of your program, file or folder in “Startup” folder, you can check the “startup” status from “Task Manager –> Startup” Tab, as shown in above video.

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As you have added any program into “Startup” folder, in the similar fashion to remove the same from “Startup”, just delete it from “Startup” folder. It will get deleted from Startup List. The same can be instantly checked in “Task Manager –> Startup” tab.

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