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Top 30 Android Tricks and Hacks You Must Know [Part-1]


Top Android Secret Tips Tricks and Hacking

Android is most popular Operating System for all Smartphones. Its regular updates with lots of new power pack features and flexibility for its users to customize it with Android Apps makes it popular worldwide.

Top Tricks:

Android itself has many hidden features We all don’t know, also with the help of right Android Apps you can do a lot of amazing things with your smartphone. This guide is totally dedicated to tell you about the Android’s Hidden Tricks and awesome Apps. Let’s check out.

Top 40+ Android Tricks and Hacks You Must Know

Let’s split all 30 Android Tricks into 2 Parts. Here, In this Part-I: Get Top 15 Android Tricks & Hacks:

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#1. Call Anyone From Unknown Number FREE [Unlimited]

There are so many Apps available on Google Play Store that allows you to call anyone from an Unknown Number. Most of the apps claim that you can make free calls using their apps but, actually they don’t. In this article, you will get an App from which you can call anyone in completely Free. 

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

International Call anyone with private number free unlimited

#2. How To Download Paid Apps For Free on Android

There are so many useful Apps on Google Play Store, some are Free and some of Paid. So, On Google Play Store you will get Free as well as Paid Apps. Is there any way to download these paid apps for Free?

In this article, you will get the platforms where you can easily find out Paid Apps for FreeYes, there are many alternatives of Google App Store for downloading apps. Here we gonna discuss only those where you can also download Paid Apps for free.

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE 

download ios Android Paid Apps Free Store

#3. How To Install Apps on Android Device Remotely

We can easily download Apps from Google Play Store on our Android Devices when we have physical access to it. Sometimes situations come when you have not physical Access to your Android Device and want to Install Apps remotely on your Android Smartphone/Device?

YES, this can easily be done and you don’t require Root Access for doing it. All you need a PC with active Internet connection logged in with the same Google Account through which your Android Device is logged in.

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

#4. How To Install Apps from Unknown Sources In Android

We usually download & install Apps on Android device from Google Play Store and has not faced any issue in installing right? But In case you have downloaded “.Apk” file other than Google Play Store or App Market, then how you can do it?

To Read Step by Step Guide: CLICK HERE

Install App From Unknown Sources Android

#5. How To Make Your Phone A WiFi Hotspot *[No Root]*

In a Normal scenario, you can share the Internet connection from your device to other devices by creating WiFi Hotspot. But, What If, your device itself connected to a WiFi Network, for example, you are at Airport or Cafe where you have WiFi access only for a single device, and now you want to share internet from this device to another one?

To Get Detailed Guide With Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

#6. Android: Move Apps to SD Card from Phone Storage [No Root]

Almost all Android devices have an SD Card slot, to get additional storage to your device. You can move all your data, like: Media files, Apps into SD card to empty your device internal storage. But, you can not directly move apps to SD card. So, let’s get the best solution to move apps from phone storage to SD Card without rooting your Android device.

To Get Detailed Guide With Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

#7. Use SD Card as Default Storage for Camera’s Photos & Videos

If you take a lot of photos & record videos from your device Camera, then it will full your device storage. Here this trick will definitely gonna help you to save your device Internal storage. Here we will tell you two ways to set SD Card as default storage for Camera App to save pictures in SD card automatically.

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

#8. [Easy Fix] Android Home and Back Button Not Working?

Is your Android device menu buttons (Home, Back) not working properly? It can be due to a hardware problem. 

This can be easily fixed without going anywhere and also without spending extra money using the concept of “on screen keys”. A lot of various Free apps are available on Google Play Store using which you can Fix broken home and back button of your Android Device even without rooting your device.

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

#9. How To Disable Automatic App Updates In Android

Google has set Play Store to Update all the Apps installed on your device by default. Automatics Updates will take Internet Data as well as your device storage. It is always a good idea to stop Automatic updates and Updates only when you fell to do it manually. Let’s see how we can disable Automatic App Updates and do it manually?

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

#10. Best Way to Share Your WiFi Password with a QR Code

On many occasions, we have to share password of our WiFi Connection with friends, neighbors & others. After sharing the password, it becomes necessary to change WiFi Password to make it secure. So, What If you can share WiFi Password without telling them the actual password?

YES, Here we come up with an awesome method for sharing WiFi Password with a QR Code.

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

#11. Use Google Translate App Offline to Translate Text on Android | iPhone

Let’s consider the situation, you are going to Foreign or any place, where’s language you don’t know. This is a very real problem with everyone. You can not read any sign or text written in that place local language, e.g. You goes to a restaurant but can’t understand the menu card. There is a simple solution for all these problems: Google Translate App.

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

#12. How to Reset Google Advertising ID on Android

Have you ever thought, whenever you search for any product over the Internet from your Device, after that you will be shown Ads similar to that product only? This is because Google is somehow getting your area of interest from your device. How?

Every Android or iOS device has been automatically assigned with a unique Random number Called as “Advertising ID” or “Advertising Identifier”. This Google Advertising Identifier (ID) collects information anonymously from your device and this information is used for displaying advertisements of your area of interest only. How to prevent or stop Google?

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

#13. How To Disable Notification from Any App in Android

Notification is one of the most powerful functions of Android OS. We generally have installed many apps on our Android device and maximum apps updates you by way of push notifications. Some of the Notification from some of the Apps are useful but what about others?

Now it’s time to disable notification from some of the apps which you don’t use regularly, for example: Shopping Apps, Recharge Apps, Travelling Apps etc. It is also safe to disable Notification for these apps because you can manually open these apps to view the latest notification. 

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

#14. How To Enable Developer Options On Android Devices

Many fantastic features like: Enable USB Debugging, Change Animation Scale, Mock your Device Location & many more are hidden on every Android Device. For whatever reason you want to access these hidden features, first, you have to unlock or Enable Developer Options in your Android Smartphone & Tablet.

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

#15. How To Open Apps in Split Screen Window in Android Device

In Android device, we can open many applications and operate a single app at a time. Still, the feature of Split Screen Window or multi-window is not available on Android.

There are various ways for Rooted Phones to get this functionality. But, If we want to get this feature of Multi Window/Split Screen Window in any Android Device, without ROOT, then how we can do it ??

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

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