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Top 30 Android Tricks and Hacks You Must Know [Part-2]


Top Android Secret Tips Tricks and Hacking

Android is most popular Operating System for all Smartphones. Its regular updates with lots of new power pack features and flexibility for its users to customize it with Android Apps makes it popular worldwide.

Top Tricks:

Android itself has many hidden features We all don’t know, also with the help of right Android Apps you can do a lot of amazing things with your smartphone. This guide is totally dedicated to tell you about the Android’s Hidden Tricks and awesome Apps. Let’s check out.

Top 30 Android Tricks and Hacks You Must Know – II

In Part-I, We have explained First Top 15 Android Tricks, If you have not got it, Get it here:

Read: Top Android Tricks & Hacks [01-15]

Let’s continue with rest 15 Android Tricks [16-30]:

#16. How to Find Saved WiFi Password In Android Device [Rooted]*

Whenever you connect your device to any WiFi network, the password gets saved in system files. That’s Why, next time you try to connect to the same network, it won’t ask you to enter the password. Sometimes, if you may forget the password of your WiFi Network. SO, How we can see WiFi password in Android Phone/Device?

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

#17. How to See Saved WiFi Password in Android Device*[Non Rooted]*

Your smartphone, once you have connected to any WiFi network, it will get saved in your smartphone. Now, whenever you try to connect to the same network again, it will connect automatically, if you have not done “forget network”. So, how can we view/get saved WiFi Password in Non-Rooted Android Device?

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

#18. How To Install Android Apps Not Available In Your Country

Sometimes We may come across a trendy App or Game for our Smartphone, but it’s really very frustrating when you come to know that this trendy App or Game is not available in your Country with error: “this item is not available in your country”.

So it is, In this Article, we will tell you a simple trick using which you can Install Any Android App Not Available in your Country.

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

#19. Download Any Video On Android Device With Android Terminal

We generally watch many videos in our smartphone and want to save them in out device for sharing & watching in future. We have already shared a trick to download video from any website online.

There are various Apps or tools available for downloading videos but here we come with a unique way to download videos by using Android Terminal. Android Terminal in Android device is just like “Command Prompt” in Windows, where you can run commands to execute any program.
To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

#20. How To Bypass OTP Verification Using Virtual Phone Numbers

Whenever you Sign-up in any Website or App, it requires Phone Number Verification by asking OTP (One Time Password). If you want to create Multiple accounts or due to other reasons, you may require Phone Number for Verification, then What? Also in case, You don’t want to share your personal number, this trick will gonna help you.

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial:CLICK HERE

#21. Best Way To Display Android Screen On PC/Mac OS

Do you want to display screen of your Android Device on Big Screen of PC or Mac OS? Yes, on many occasion we do feel to watch some photos, files or any Video on Computer System. Am I right? This concept of sharing Android Screen with PC is called as “Screen Mirroring” or “Mirror Cast”. Here you will get the Best Way to Display Android Screen On PC.

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial:CLICK HERE

#22. How To Control Android Device Remotely From PC

Sharing & Accessing one Computer system on Another Computer remotely is well known, as we have also explained it: Remote Desktop Access In Windows 10/Mac Free using “Chrome Remote Desktop”. What if, we want to Control or Manage Android Device or Any Smartphone Remotely from Computer System?

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

#23. How To Access Restricted/Blocked Website on Android Devices

Sometimes you may find some of the websites blocked/restricted in particular Area by your ISP Provider or in your Country.In this Article, we will discuss How to Get on Restricted Website on your Smartphone (Android Device). Thanks to One of the Best FREE VPN App called: HOLA- Free VPN Proxy App.

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

#24. How To Recover Deleted Data From ANDROID [WITHOUT ROOT]

At many Instances, it happens that your important files/data get deleted by mistake. You have done Factory Reset or Cleared data to free up phone memory or any other reason. So, the question arises, when you need to get back the deleted/lost data, is it possible to recover deleted data Android without Root??

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial:CLICK HERE

#25. Best Way To Take Long Scrolling Screenshot on Any Android Device

Long Scrolling Screenshot is one of the best features of Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge, which allows its users to take Screenshot of the long scrolling screen. Wonder, this option is not available on your Android Device & want to get the feature of Screenshot Galaxy S7? Here we come up with the simple solution.

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial:CLICK HERE

#26. Best Free Prank Call & SMS App to Freak Your Friends

You must have seen many Prank Videos and also may be a part of any Prank. Do you want to do Prank with your friends? Try Something different & Funny. Yes, make a fun by making Prank/Fake Call & Message to your friends. You can show your friends that you are getting calls & SMS from Unknown Number or famous personality all around the world.

Here you will get the Best Free Prank Call & SMS App using which you can make your friends Freak and how you can this App to make Prank Call & Fake SMS.

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

#27. Greenify- An Ultimate RAM Booster & Battery Saver App

We use Smartphones for Calling, Chatting, Social Networking Websites, Browsing, Music, Video…etc.. a long list goes on… For every purpose, a special app is available on our smartphone. Lots of apps installedon your Smartphone device make it slower & Battery hungrier.

Every time, we use/open any App on our Smartphone, it will remain running in Background until you stop it manually. So It’s not feasible to Stop each & every app after its use manually. Here an ultimate APP, “Greenify” work for us.

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial:CLICK HERE

#28. How To Play YouTube Videos In Background [Android/iPhone]

Sometimes we want to listen to music on Youtube in the Background while doing something else on our Smartphone. As you move to Home Screen or open another app, Video on Youtube will stop. So, How can we Play Youtube Videos in Background in iPhone/Android Devices?

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

#29. How To View Google Map Location History – Android | Desktop

Google Map is most preferable GPS tool to view and navigate the path, location, nearby amenities like Hotel, Restaurant and many more.  But are you aware of that Google Tracks your location and using this information? YES, It saves all using “Location History” option and this is enabled-by-default. This is like a breach in our Privacy.

Here, in this article, we will tell you how you can Turn On/Off “Location History” on your Desktop as well as Android Device, also how you can view Google Map Location History with Timeline on both devices.

To Read Complete Guide: CLICK HERE

#30. How To Run Androids App on Windows 10/8/7 PC

It is not possible to download every App like: Games, Music, Movie and other useful apps, in your Mobile phone, due to the available limited storage. So, How good it will be if we can use these Android Apps on our PC/Laptop?

YES, There are various Android Emulators available through which we can Run & Use these Apps on our PC/Laptop. Some of the Android Emulators are Paid and Some of the Trial version available. Here, we will tell you the one of the Best trusted & most used “Android Emulator” widely.

To Get Detailed Guide with Video Tutorial: CLICK HERE

If you want to know any other Android Trick, Share with us in Comments.


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