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Top 40 WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks [2020]


Top Whatsapp Hacks and WhatsApp Tricks Latest 2018 Everyone Should know

Whatsapp is best tools for instant chat or messaging and also to send or receive different types of Media files. Till now we have shared many WhatsApp tricks and hacks and you must have learned a lot.

Top Facebook Tricks:

In this article, we are gonna compile all the Latest WhatsApp Cool Tricks and WhatsApp Hacks at one place. In these tricks, you will get hidden WhatsApp Feature, Some Hacks and some task which you can do using some Apps. After knowing all these tricks you can explore Whatsapp easily.

Note: Bookmark this article for Future reference.

Top 40 WhatsApp Tricks & Hacks 2020

Let’s get started:

#1. How To Hack WhatsApp Account of Friend in 30 Seconds

Want to hack WhatsApp account of your GirlFriend or boyfriend? In this hack, you will learn how you can easily hack WhatsApp account of any friend in just 30 seconds. You have to just scan a QR code and all done.

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#2. How To Run WhatsApp In Windows PC Using Browser & Application

Learn how you can run WhatsApp in your PC/Laptop irrespective of OS (Windows/Mac) you are using. You can do it in 3 ways

  1. Using Browser
  2. Installing WhatsApp Application
  3. Using Android Emulators

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#3. How To Rollback or Download WhatsApp Version

In case you are not happy with any of WhatsApp Update, officially you can downgrade Whatsapp version if you have updated. But here you will get the trick to Install WhatsApp Version.

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#4. How To Send Self Destructive Message On WhatsApp [iPhone/Android]

Once you have sent the message you have no more control over it. If you are sharing something confidential or private and don’t want that any other person can read it. Then, you must read this awesome trick. In this trick, we will gonna use an awesome WhatsApp App so that we can send self-destructive messages on WhatsApp.

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#5. How To Schedule WhatsApp Message in Android Without ROOT

Want to wish Birthday’s, Anniversary to your loved ones at a specific time. You can use this trick to schedule your WhatsApp message in your Android Device. The Best part is that you don’t need to Root your device. In this trick, we will gonna use an awesome scheduling app developed specially for WhatsApp.

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#6. Increase WhatsApp Group Members Limit from 256 to 10,000 or More

Whatsapp has set a limit of WhatsApp Group up to 256 Members only. Have a large Group and don’t want to manage multiple WhatsApp Group, Read this trick and increase WhatsApp Group Member limit. For this, your device must be rooted otherwise it will not work.

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#7. How to Set Colorful Text Status In WhatsApp

Whatsapp has rolled out this feature and in this, you can set colorful Text Status on your Whatsapp. You can use many colors but still the text colors you can not change. See in another guide, in which we have explained how you can use Fancy Fonts & Style in WhatsApp.

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#8. How To Retrieve WhatsApp Deleted Messages On Android/iPhone

Lost your WhatsApp Message? Learn here how you can retrieve all WhatsApp deleted message on your Andriod/iPhone device. This is the simple trick and simply doing a couple of steps you will get the lost deleted messages.

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#9. How To Find Archived (Hidden) Messages On WhatsApp

Whatsapp has hidden feature of Archiving Chat. You can archive or hide any chat in WhatsApp without using any app. So, if have hidden any chat and now if you not getting, read this article and get the simple trick.

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#10. How To Send Original High-Quality Photos/Media File On WhatsApp

Whenever you send any photo, Audio or video file on WhatsApp, it automatically compresses the size of these media files by reducing the quality. So, if you want to send media file in Original Quality, read this article.

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#11. How To Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture & Status From Any One

In Whatsapp, you can hide your WhatsApp Profile Picture and WhatsApp Status from any specific contact or all. You can do this from WhatsApp privacy settings.

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#12. How To Recall Sent Message In WhatsApp Using “Delete For Everyone” Feature

Whatsapp has rolled out a new update in which you can recall or undo sent message in WhatsApp using ‘Delete For Everyone’ feature. Just Learn how you can do it.

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#13. How to Pin | UnPin WhatsApp Chat on Android/iPhone

This is one more hidden feature of WhatsApp. Using this feature you can Pin your favorite Contacts or WhatsApp Group on the Top of the WhatsApp screen. Learn this trick so that you will never miss important messages.

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#14. How To Read WhatsApp Message Deleted Using “Delete for Everyone” [2 Methods]

With ‘Delete for everyone’ feature, anyone can delete the sent message. But in case you are the recipient and you miss this message, there are 2 ways to read such deleted WhatsApp message. To Learn just refer the given below link.

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#15. How To Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages into Text [Transcription]

Sometimes situations come when you get a voice message on WhatsApp but you are in public or any place you can’t listen to. In this cases, you can use Audio to text Apps which can instantly convert these voice messages into the text message.

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#16. Using WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents and Notes

You can use WhatsApp as a Private store for your important documents, notes & files. You can do it by just creating a Group of 2 people and then removing the other person. Now, this Groups is yours.

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#17. Set Full-Size WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping

Trying to set your picture as WhatsApp DP but you have to crop it? You can set full-size WhatsApp Profile Picture simply using Apps. Whatsapp support Square Shape Image, so you have to convert your Image into Square one. That can easily be done using various apps that are developed for this purpose only.

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#18. ‘2 Best Way’ to Download | Extract All WhatsApp Group Contacts

If you are in any WhatsApp Group, you might not have saved numbers of all the Group Members on your phone. This article gonna help you to simply download or extract all numbers of any WhatsApp group. Just read it out this awesome trick.

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#19. Save WhatsApp Status Story of Any Friend – Android/iPhone

WhatsApp story gets automatically deleted after 24 hours. So, if you don’t want to miss your friends WhatsApp Story then you can save all by using an App. You have to just open these apps and it will show all the story of your all contacts. Just save them on your device.

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#20. How To Run Multiple WhatsApp on Android/iPhone WITHOUT ROOT

Want to use multiple WhatsApp Account on your Smartphone. Yes, you can run multiple WhatsApp account on your single device using Parallel Space App. Or you may also use any Clone Making App to make a clone of WhatsApp.

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#21. Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link to Join without Admin Permission

It is very difficult to add many contacts one by one in WhatsApp Group. Also, only Admin can Add any new member. But using this feature, Anyone can join Whatsapp Group by just tapping on a link. Admin of WhatsApp Group can create an Invitation link and share it with all friends or contacts so that they can add themselves directly.

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#22. [5 Ways] Read WhatsApp Message Without Opening | Notifying Sender

Learn 5 simple ways to read WhatsApp Message Without opening & notifying the sender. By default, if you read WhatsApp, then the sender will get notified by a blue tick that the recipient has read this message. To avoid this, read this complete article.

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#23. [WhatsApp] Send Message Without Opening & Changing Last Seen

There may be various reason that you don’t want to appear online on WhatsApp for some time period. But, you also want to reply or send a message to your one of your friends or colleague. specific time. Here you will get the 2 ways to send a message to anyone on WhatsApp without opening and changing Last Seen status.

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#24. Create WhatsApp Account Without Phone Number | SIM Card

In this article, you will get to know the tried & tested way to create WhatsApp Account without a phone number or sim card. So that you can use WhatsApp on Android Tablet, PC, Mac, iPad etc. without a number.

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#25. Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp When Someone Blocked You [Latest] 

If your friend has blocked you on WhatsApp, then you may have tried many methods to get unblock from your friend WhatsApp Contact but could not get succeeded. After doing a lot of research, we here come up with a simple solution which will definitely gonna help you to Unblock yourself on WhatsApp and you can send and receive messages from that person who has blocked you.

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#26. How To Run One WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices

Let’s consider the situation, you have two smartphones and you want to use Your one WhatsApp Account on both smartphones. By default, you can activate one WhatsApp account only on one device. If you try to activate it on another device, it will get automatically deactivated from the first device. Get here a solution to run one WhatsApp Account on two or more devices without rooting the smartphone.

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#27. Track Any WhatsApp, Facebook User Current Location on Map

Tracking anyone location is not a very difficult thing in today’s era. You may found many ways to track anybody. But, tracking any WhatsApp, Facebook User is always the best way to find out the exact current live location on map. So, in this article, we will gonna tell you how you can Track any mobile number current live location on map.

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#28. Best Fake WhatsApp Conversation, Fake Facebook Status or Fake Tweet Generators

Have you ever came across with Fake WhatsApp Conversation, Fake Facebook Status, Wall post, FB Chats or Fake Tweets of Famous personality’s, that seems to be Fake or manually fabricated? You are wondering, how these memes are created? There are many Free online services or websites available, that allows you to create such Fake WhatsApp chats, Facebook Status, Wall Post, Fake Chat messages or Fake Tweet.

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#29. How To Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos From Gallery

In your device Gallery, you can see your Camera Pictures, Images transfer from another device, Videos etc. including WhatsApp media files. So, If you don’t want to list the WhatsApp Content in device Gallery, you can hide them. To hide Whatsapp Images, Videos from your Phone’s Gallery, you will not require any third party tool or app. In this article, we are gonna tell you 2 simple ways through which you can hide WhatsApp Media file and whenever you want, you can unhide these.

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#30. How To Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone & Vice Versa

In case, you are moving to a Brand new iPhone or another Android phone, then with all your device data like Contacts, Photos, Videos etc., Are you also worry how to transfer WhatsApp Messages/ Chats, WhatsApp Images or other Media files to your new smartphone?

In this article, you will get 2 Simple methods through which you can easily transfer all of your WhatsApp Data from your one smartphone to another.

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#31. How To Use Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Text on WhatsApp

Are you getting bored with sending the messages on WhatsApp without any text formatting?  So, here you will get the way how you can do basic text formatting (e.g. “Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and Monospace”) of Whatsapp Messages. Check out.

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#32. How To Send Colourful WhatsApp Messages In Cool Font Styles

Want to get more attention to your message on WhatsApp Group? Yes, you can send WhatsApp messages in different fancy and cool font styles using some great Free Apps. So that, you can make your message stylish and more attractive.

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#33.  Send Fake GPS Location In WhatsApp On Your Android Device

There may be a lot of reasons for making Fake GPS Location on your Android Device. For example, you want to send fake location in WhatsApp or for any App that uses your GPS signal. Now, in era of million of Apps, it becomes very easy for GPS spoofing in a couple of clicks without voiding your device Warranty, YES Rooting your device is no more required.

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#34. How To Hide Your Last seen On WhatsApp But Still See Others

In WhatsApp, you can set Privacy settings to hide or restrict who can see yours WhatsApp Status, Profile PictureLast Seen, About, etc. When you apply these settings then the same settings also apply to you, that means you cannot also view others info which you have to hide on your profile. But, here we come up with a little trick, that helps you to hide your WhatsApp Last Seen but you can still see others.

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#35. How to Convert WhatsApp Chat Into Text (.txt) Readable Format

Want to export/backup WhatsApp Chat in readable format? WhatsApp automatically creates a local backup on daily basis at 02:00 AM (Local Time). But this backup can’t be shared directly because this is not in readable format.

Yes, we can convert WhatsApp Chats or Conversations into a readable format without using any third party tool or extension, using ‘Email Chat’ Inbuilt feature.

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#36. How to Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile?

WhatsApp has not included such feature to track the person who has viewed your WhatsApp Profile. In today’s Era, you will get an exclusive App for an exclusive function. So, we might get an App which can tell us Who Viewed your WhatsApp Profile Picture & Status.

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#37. How To Send A WhatsApp Message Without Saving Contact

if anyone asks you to send a WhatsApp message and the mobile number of that person is not saved in your device, then first you have to save that contact into your device. But, You can easily send WhatsApp messages without saving Mobile Number using a wonderful App: Click2Chat. Alongwith this feature, it has many others useful features.

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#38. 3 Apps To Send Auto Reply to WhatsApp Messages Without Root

WhatsApp has also launched a WhatsApp Business App with some additional features to maintain personal or business accounts easily. Every time you may not reply to every incoming WhatsApp message of your customers.

In this scenario, How it will be good for your business, If sender/customer will get an immediate reply? Yes, we can send an auto-reply to WhatsApp message with the help of automated apps specially developed for WhatsApp.

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#39. How To Record WhatsApp Calls Automatically – Audio & Video

There may be so many reasons that you want to record WhatsApp Audio and Video call. Normal Call recording apps may not able to record WhatsApp call because it works on the totally different concept of VoIP. In this article, you will get best apps for recording WhatsApp Audio & Video calls automatically.

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#40. Use SD Card as Default Storage for WhatsApp Photos & other Media Files

Almost all Android devices have an SD Card slot, to get additional storage to your device. You can move all your data, like: Media files, Apps into SD card to empty your device internal storage. But, you can not directly move apps (e.g. WhatsApp) to SD card. So, let’s get the best solution to move apps from phone storage to SD Card without rooting your Android device.

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These are the latest WhatApp Tricks and Hacks. You can also suggest in comments if any tricks or hack you want to know. Bookmark this article to refer again. Thanks.


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